Casio G-Shock’s 35th Anniversary kick off with a grand launch at Pavilion KL . The backdrop for this spectacular anniversary is a specially curated art canvas by prominent graffiti artist Kenji Chai. Kenji’s interpretation of G-Shock’s Absolute Toughness is depicted in a vibrant giant canvas that instantly catches the eye.

With performances by Lego Sam, Kenji Chai has masterfully propelled their individual expertise into popular culture and as such shares similarities to G-Shock’s dominant pop-culture icon status.

The roadshow will chronicle the history and evolution of the classic 5600 series, also known as the Origin Series, which evolved from the first-ever GShock DW-5000C. The Origin Series which will be displayed for the entire duration of the roadshow, earned G-Shock its Absolute Toughness reputation through a combination of four
core components – Structure, Function, Design and Material.

Visitors will be challenged to a series of Absolute Toughness fun physical toughness challenges. Some activities visitors can look forward to are the Human Claw Challenge, where visitors are hoisted up over a pool filled with GShock balloons and try their hand at trying to claw up balloons which contain tickets to prize redemptions. Another activity that aims to emphasize G-Shock’s toughness is the King of the Hammer whereby visitors get to hammer away at an actual G-Shock watch.

Tezuka Itsuro, Managing Director of Casio Malaysia says “Celebrating 35 Years of Absolute Toughness is a fantastic milestone for the brand. We shall continue to push the boundaries of innovation to ensure we are always ahead of the game. ”


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