Malaysia’s Internet Traffic Growing at CAGR of 52% since 2012

 Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX), also known as ‘Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’ – a non-profit initiative by the Government of Malaysia, shares that the highest bandwidth that traversed within the MyIX infrastructure has hit a new record 288Gbps in 2018.

MyIX network’s data traffic peak points are based on the highest data traffic recorded on a particular day, on a monthly basis. The report compared the traversing data between January–June 2018, to the corresponding period of the previous year January-June 2017. It showed the Internet data patterns and the growth of Internet traffic peered within the national Internet Exchange nodes that directly connects with the country’s major ISPs and content providers.

Chairman of MyIX Chiew Kok Hin says, “MyIX has recorded 288Gbps of data travelling per second through its network nodes, the highest bandwidth recorded so far now in the year 2018, equivalent to a 16 percent increase in data travelling per second as compared to the previous year’s highest peak point of 248Gbps over the same period.”

In Compounded Annual Growth Rate (“CAGR”) terms of 6 years (since 2012), MyIX’s monthly Internet traffic peak point has increased at a CAGR of about 52 per cent.

MyIX adds that this CAGR of 52 per cent is a very good indication of how massively the country’s Internet landscape is speedily developing. “The country’s internet connectivity in Malaysia has come a long way. The highest peak point was 23.3Gbps in 2012 while for the 6-month’s period of 2018, recorded at 288Gbps.”

GE14 and FIFA World Cup 2018 Drove Internet Traffic

In analysing Year 2018 Internet traffic within MyIX network, Chiew shares that the two major events that contributed to the increase in Internet consumption amongst Malaysians in the months of May and June were attributed to the GE14 and 2018 FIFA World Cup respectively.

He says, “Malaysians were actively following the news and updates post the historical general election, followed by the 2018 FIFA World Cup fans who watched the tournaments with live coverage from mid June till mid July 2018.”

Coincidentally, FIFA World Cup 2018 that was held in Moscow, Russia, also marked the most extensive coverage in history; being covered live and shown in 190 different territories across the world, including Malaysia.

“This Internet data traffic growth accumulates from the consumers’ access and affordability of more smartphone and tablet, increasing broadband speeds, cloud computing, video streaming, and social media,” says Chiew.




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