IPIEC Global Contest 2018 (ASEAN Chapter) launched in Malaysia

IPIEC Global 2018 – organised and hosted by WTOIP – a global leading IP and entrepreneurial resource sharing platform based in Guangdong, China, conducted IPIEC Global 2018, an IP innovation and entrepreneurship contest as it scouts for the right technologies in the global context for Chinese enterprises.

The contest help IP owners, SMEs, startups, researchers, and innovators to realise their dream to bring intellectual property (IP) innovations to enter China market. Winners will take home grand cash prizes worth US$170,000 and have access to renowned investors. They also get to enjoy these benefits: Gain direct experience and understanding about China, mentored by prestigious entrepreneurs and experts, travel across multiple destinations in China, diverse online and offline promotion, and enhanced project awareness and exposure.

During today’s pitching, Mentari Alam EKO Sdn Bhd (MAEKO) & Nanopac Sdn Bhd  were selected as Malaysia’s winners in tech pitching for IPIEC Global Contest 2018.

(L-R) Lilyana Abdul Latiff, CEO of New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF); the representative from MAEKO and Nanopac; the winners of technology pitching of IPIEC Global Contest 2018 (ASEAN Chapter) and Edmont Rao, Senior Vice President of WTOIP.

Mentari Alam EKO Sdn Bhd or MAEKO is the brainchild of three passionate individuals focused on solving one of the biggest problems facing our planet – the Food Waste issue. On the other hand,  Nanopac Sdn Bhd is responsible for changing the Surface Chemistry of any materials with Nanotechnology, innovate technologies in Particle Therapy medical, agricultural, environment engineering and market development. These two selected pitchers will advance to the national level in China in December.

WTOIP believes IPIEC Global 2018 will be an effective means to connect innovations with capital, talents with enterprises, overseas projects with local clusters, and marketing operations with government policies, in order to promote cross-border technology transfer and accelerate local industrial upgrade.

“Malaysia is in a strategic location in ASEAN, which is well connected with Yunnan Province of China. Through this event, Malaysian SMEs will gain the opportunity to pitch their innovations and ideas to enterprises, investors and the authorities from Yunnan Province, particularly Kunming City, to explore cross-border cooperation opportunities,” said Edmont Rao, Senior Vice President of WTOIP.

Dr. Rezal Khairi, Chief Executive Officer of NanoMalaysia during the keynote speech at IPIEC Global Contest 2018 (ASEAN Chapter) launch.

“The 4th Industrial revolution is a market leveller providing equal opportunities to technology start-ups and SMEs with the best Intellectual Property strategy to make a giant leap into leadership positions. Being at the forefront, nanotechnology sets the current benchmark of technological and innovation excellence influencing IoT, AI and automation, changing product designs and affecting business services. The industry is directly and indirectly adopting nanotechnology as the new standard to remain competitive” said Dr. Rezal Khairi, CEO of NanoMalaysia.

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