Online Bookings Now Open For The Proton X70

Booking a brand new SUV from PROTON has become easier than ever with the launch of the Company’s online booking platform. Accessed via PROTON’s corporate website, the new platform went live on 17 October to allow customers to book the Proton X70 from anywhere using any device with Internet access.

Visiting a virtual showroom
Following the preview of its connectivity and technology features to the media, the Proton X70 set another benchmark by being the first Proton model that can be booked online. With an embedded eSIM card, Wi-Fi connectivity, preloaded apps offering services like online radio, online music, navigation and weather forecasts as well as advanced voice recognition software, Proton’s first SUV is perfectly suited to launch the service.

Customers who want to book a unit are required to provide their personal details, preferred model and colour choice as well as the city and state where they wish to collect their car. Following payment of the booking fee, also done online, a system-generated receipt will be sent to the customer’s email. PROTON then assigns a sales advisor to handle the order who contacts the customer within seven days to process the booking. As with bookings made at any PROTON outlet, a full refund is given should a customer change their mind.

In conjunction with the launch of the online booking portal PROTON will also feature full details of the Proton X70 on its website, including full specifications for each model variant. The information helps customers to make a decision, especially with regards to variant and colour choice, and is akin to visiting a showroom and viewing a full sales presentation.

As this is a new sales tool for the Company, PROTON is holding a ‘flash sale’ from 17-19 October to promote the use of its new platform. During the three-day promotional period, customers who book the Proton X70 via the platform only need to pay a booking fee of RM99.

“After studying consumer preferences and market trends, PROTON believes the time is right to offer an online booking facility to our customers. The platform allows bookings to be made from anywhere a customer is as long as there is an Internet connection available. The Company has also decided to reward those who make a booking prior to the launch of the Proton X70. This will come in the form of special gifts for all early birds regardless of whether they booked their unit online or at our outlets,” said Abdul Rashid Musa, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Edar.

Customer previews continue to East Malaysia
The Proton X70 customer previews have now crossed the South China Sea to East Malaysia with sessions held in Kuching on 15-16 October. Following on from the second media preview, the events focussed on the connectivity and technology functions offered by the SUV while also explaining about the styling elements used for the exterior and interior. The previews will continue in Kuantan and Ipoh with the final session due to be held in Kota Kinabalu.

“The customer response to the Proton X70 has been overwhelming. Attendance at our preview sessions has been very high with the majority of attendees saying they are impressed by the quality and specification offered on the first model to be jointly developed by PROTON and Geely. It will be a game changer for PROTON and customers acknowledge this, judging by the strong pre-launch booking numbers. Therefore we are working hard to ensure the cars delivered meet the heightened expectations of our customers,” added Abdul Rashid.

For more information, visit Proton’s official website.

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