Apple announces special event in the Big Apple

Speculation running wild — Apple has announced it will be holding a “Special Event” in New York on October 30. As is the norm, the super-secretive company is not giving up any more details on what may be presented – but all bets are on new iPads and Macbooks.

Rumours that have digita-philes all excited: Apple has announced a special event during which the company is expected to potentially announce new iPads and new Macbook laptops. The event is scheduled for October 30, and will not take place at Apple Park in California, but in New York instead.

As usual, Apple decided against revealing any more information on what will actually be presented at the event. However, business media company Bloomberg already reported a while ago that Apple would be launching new iPads in the autumn.

The new iPads are expected to have extremely thin edges, just like the latest iPhones, which means the display would take up almost all of the front screen.

Apple is also expected to announce that the iPad’s facial recognition software FaceID will replace the fingerprint sensor entirely – another way of getting rid of those pesky edges.

Bloomberg also speculates that Apple will present a modernized version of its cheapest laptop, the Macbook Air. According to market researchers, the Macbook Air is Apple’s most-sold laptop, but in terms of technology, it lags behind other models.

A fresh set of iPads and laptops could be Apple’s way of getting ready for a particularly profitable holiday shopping season – especially since they already released new iPhones in September.


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