Google’s “Smart Campaigns” for small businesses roll out across Malaysia

Google announced that “Smart Campaigns”, the new default experience of Google Ads, is now available to small businesses across Malaysia. Smart campaigns is designed for small businesses looking to get started with online advertising. The experience is simple, saves businesses time as they can set up a campaign in a matter of minutes, and drives clear results like calls, actions on their website and visits to their stores.

According to the Asian Development Bank, 98% of businesses in Asia are SMBs, and, according to APEC, SMBs contribute up to 50% of GDP in APEC economies and the Internet already plays a vital role in connecting businesses and customers, and delivering a great customer experience. Many businesses realise the potential of digital, but are not sure what to do to get started. Smart campaigns take the innovation and technology of Google Ads and tailors the experience for simplicity to help small businesses succeed without needing to be an advertising expert.

How Smart Campaigns can help small businesses grow

Google’s Smart Campaigns keep it simple for businesses. Businesses just choose their goals—like making the phone ring, driving sales to their website or visits to a store—and machine learning goes to work to deliver results. With Smart Campaigns, small and medium sized businesses can:

  • Get the results they care about: Smart campaigns are designed to get businesses the results they care about most, like phone calls, actions on their website, and store visits. Businesses can connect with new customers who are looking for information related to the business on Google Search, Google Maps and also get discovered through Google Partner Sites (Search and Google Display Network).
  • Get fast setup: Small businesses can set up a campaign in a matter of minutes. Simply select the goal (calls, store visits, actions on their website), pick a business category, set the location advertisers want to promote their business in, edit the ad text, and set the budget. Google will automatically select the right keywords and optimise the bidding strategy to bring the best results within the designated budget.

  • Benefit from minimal ongoing management: Once set up, Google works behind the scenes with machine learning technology to automatically optimise the campaign and drive results small businesses want. Advertisers can easily track their performance, write more ad variations, and make necessary adjustments to their campaign settings.

  • Test variations of display ads with Image Picker: If a small business owner wants to launch a campaign, but doesn’t know what images and text to use in their ads, all they need to do is enter their existing assets, including images, logos, headlines and descriptions. Image Picker then helps test combinations of images and text to get the best results from your Display ads. This feature will start rolling out in the coming weeks.

Smart Campaigns is a great example of how we’re using machine learning to help small businesses grow. It takes the innovation and technology of Google Ads and tailors the experience to make it easy, efficient and successful. We have been working on Smart campaigns for many years, listening to our advertisers and adding performance improvements they’ve asked for—and it’s already proving to be about 3x better at getting ads in front of the right audience. This is just the beginning, we are committed to adding new features to Google Ads that help drive results with ease and simplicity.


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