Malaysia’s first app for phone trade-in

Can you imagine an app that allows you to sell your old phone anytime, anywhere in less than 60 seconds, and you get paid instantly?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it isn’t!

InstaCash is one of the cooler apps that has just been launched in Malaysia by CompAsia Sdn. Bhd. and there is fresh buzz in the market going around about InstaCash, and thousands of Malaysians are checking it out.

In a nutshell, InstaCash allows Malaysians to trade-in their old smartphones through an app, and get paid instantly into their bank accounts once the device is collected. InstaCash is designed to serve us in the new digital age.


The app centres on pledging to customers its six key core values which are;

  1. A fast & hassle-free experience to sell off your old phone
  2. Best price for your phone
  3. Accept thousands of different types of brands and models
  4. Accepts both working and damaged phones
  5. Pays you instantly when your phone is collected
  6. Your phone is data wiped clean after it is received by InstaCash


Gone are the days where you need to search online, look at classified ads, go to the streets to barter with small phone shops, or try to get through heavy traffic and expensive parking, hoping that you get a decent deal at the IT malls in town but worry they will expose your personal data. Also gone are the days when you feel obliged to pass down your old phone to a relative, you can simply use InstaCash, and treat yourself with the extra cash instead.


The following are the four simple steps to help get you started with InstaCash;

(And there is a customer service hotline +603-7931 3417 kindly provided that works from 9.00am – 6.00pm on weekdays if you require any assistance.)

InstaCash Malaysia spokesperson Mr. Henry Ng in sharing about the background said, “Initially launched in the Klang Valley, InstaCash now supports Malaysians nationwide to trade-in their phones for a hassle-free experience. Once a customer has completed their transaction with the InstaCash App, they are contacted, and a courier would be assigned to collect the phone within 24 hours.


InstaCash was initially started in India by its creator and founder; Mr. Prateek Goel last year in 2017 and was first launched in New Delhi.  InstaCash currently services over 10,000 customers a month just out of Delhi and is now expanding to other greater cities in the country to help service more customers.


In partnership with CompAsia, we are proud to now offer InstaCash to Malaysians extending the best level of service, a seamless digital hassle-free experience, and trust for our customers here.


After receiving the phones, CompAsia runs the devices through a very tight production process. A complete industrial data wiping of your phone is done to ensure there is no leakage or breaches of your personal data. Even though you may think that you have wiped out your old data yourself, there is always residual data remaining on your phone which you cannot remove. We are committed to protecting your personal data. Our data wiping process is of international industrial standards which ensures this. We then test, and correct any potential software and hardware defects, and ready the device for remarketing. The devices could be resold either here in Malaysia or be exported overseas.


It is our job to find a new home for these smartphones to customers who cannot afford brand new devices at their expensive prices. We provide our customers across the region a more affordable option.”


InstaCash together in partnership with CompAsia was designed to establish a unique device lifecycle ecosystem in the Malaysian and Asian markets, which addresses environmental e-waste, and optimizes on reusable tech via a digital app platform which caters directly to the needs of our consumers.


In closing, Henry Ng further shared, “It is our aspiration to set and lead the smartphone trade-in benchmark in Malaysia, and be the ‘go to’ place for Malaysians to trade-in their smartphones, to like being the Grab or Uber for ride-hailing. We are also open to collaborating with partners in the Telco, and smartphone online and offline retail space in the country, who can also leverage on InstaCash to give more value to their customers to trade-in and upgrade to a brand new device from their stores, and also for Telco device trade-in and upgrade programs too.”


So,…what are you waiting for, if you have an old phone lying around, or want to upgrade your current phone, try InstaCash and get some fast cash starting today.

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