All Scania vehicles sold by Scania (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. can run on B10 diesel without further adaptation. 

Normal warranty still applies when running on B10 diesel,  comprises 10% biodiesel and 90% regular diesel; existing customers will not be affected.

There are no changes to the operational procedures or to the vehicle servicing schedule. And,  no additional costs incurred as no extra equipment is required for vehicles sold by Scania (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. running on B10.

“Scania continues to be in the forefront of sustainable transport solutions. Our wide range of alternative fuels have been in operation around the world for some time already and including in Southeast Asia. Our customers continue to enjoy profitability while being environmentally-friendly in their operations through reduced CO2 emissions.” says Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström.

Established in 1891, Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy
transport applications combined with an extensive product-related service offering. It is also a leading provider of
industrial and marine engines. The company’s strategic focus is on customer profitability by being in the forefront
of sustainable transport solutions. It has the broadest range of alternative fuel and technology solutions: from natural gas, hydro-treated vegetable oil, bioethanol, biogas, biodiesel to hybrid drivetrains, platooning and autonomous vehicle technology.

Scania commenced operations in Malaysia in the early 1970’s, supporting the logistics, construction and public service sectors, commuting people and goods every day throughout the country. With about 300 employees, Scania
(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. today offers capabilities in sales, repair and maintenance, roadside assistance, parts, connected services, driver services and contracted services. It operates ten dedicated workshops, with technicians based at some customers’ premises, to meet the country’s public and cargo transport needs.

Globally, Scania employs some 50,000 people and operates in about 100 countries. Research and development
activities are mainly concentrated in Sweden, while production takes place in Europe, Asia and South America, with
facilities for global interchange of both components and complete vehicles. The company is headquartered in Södertälje, Sweden.



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