The 5 Types of People You Probably Need to Shop For This Christmas!

Christmas is approaching and that means shopping for gifts for your loved ones. While shopping is supposed to be fun, gift shopping, particularly during the holiday season, can be stressful.

Grab came up with a gift guide to assist in getting the right gift for the right person.

Here are the five types of people you might be shopping for:

 The Beauty Enthusiast

 Beauty Enthusiasts love pampering themselves from the outside in. A crowd favourite for beauty buffs are luxury bath and body care essentials from Crabtree & Evelyn, Innisfree Face Mask or even Laneige Sleeping Mask – grab them quick before they fly off the shelves this Christmas.

The Crafty One

 One for handmade presents, the Crafty One will cherish and appreciate their present because they value the love, time and effort taken to make it. Regardless if it’s handmade toys, ornaments or cards, they will love it, especially when it’s done by the hands of little ones. It’s the perfect time to bring out some arts and craft materials and gather the children around the table to keep them occupied during the holidays to help make some presents.

The Tree Hugger

 An advocate for saving the planet, buying the right Christmas gift can be tricky as everything bought these days are destined to end up in a landfill. For nature-lovers, make their Christmas extra sustainable by opting for recyclable and reusable items from metal straws, reusable mugs to a designer recyclable bag.

The Christmas Novelist

 The Christmas Novelist loves cute Christmas themed presents – such as Christmas socks or anything that reminds them of the festive season. Heck, they even love Christmas-themed bags, so they can use to haul their Christmas pressies when they play Santa / Santarina!

The Deal Hunter

 The Deal Hunter is practical and appreciates good deals or gift vouchers that are functional or something they use on a regular basis. So, they are more likely to appreciate presents such as discount vouchers to help defray their expenses in the coming year.



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