Because It Matters

“Bringing Quality N Quality to Life”. With this vision in mind, BenQ aims to enrich the lives of people by focusing on several key aspects – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education. Coupled with the philosophy “Because It Matters”, BenQ focuses on empowering people to:

L – Live Better
I – Increase Efficiency
F – Feel Healthier
E – Enhance Learning

BenQ is already in its 17 th year and now has more than 20 companies under the BenQ Group. BenQ has made great strides in the healthcare segment as well. Despite this being a relatively new venture (about seven years) – BenQ already has two medical centres and an affiliated hospital: the Nanjing BenQ Hospital in China. And it is this business (healthcare) coupled with its B2B ventures that prompted the
company to adopt its current slogan of Because It Matters, from the previous tagline Enjoyment Matters, in order to better reflect the values and focus of the company.

“BenQ is one of the worldwide leading display solution providers, committed to providing human-centric technologies with great integrations among Dustproof Laser Projectors, Germ-resistant and Smart Eye-Care Interactive Flat Panels and Wireless
Presentation Device Instashow,” says Jeffrey Liang, who was present at the launch of BenQ’s new Integrated Display Solutions recently.
Liang is the President of BenQ Asia Pacific. He oversees the APAC region, occupying the role for the past three years, with a further six-year stint in Europe as the Business Line Director, in charge of sales.

I for Increasing Efficiency

For its B2B business, BenQ focuses on increasing the efficiency for the corporate sector. Liang was quoted as saying, “What happens today compared to a decade ago is vastly different. The amount of information we get today is massive. With that, decisions need to be made on-the-fly. The digital world waits for no-one.” And no man is an island. Collaborations are imperative; many problems can’t be dealt with
by individuals alone.

In a recent trip to Japan, Liang noticed a dire need for a work style reform, echoing a similar sentiment from the Japanese government. The latter is looking at reforms to improve work-life balance for the younger workforce. Taking a cue from the launch, he made a note on a wide array of BenQ products being utilised seamlessly – from the projectors, displays and BenQ’s Instashow. Therefore, ensuring that businesses remain productive.

F for Feeling Healthy
Besides its foray into medical centres and hospitals, BenQ has gone a step furtherby releasing a display product that prioritises eye comfort utilising the latesttechnologies. The monitor is flicker-free and emits low blue light, reducing eye strain.All these, according to the Liang, are devised with school children in mind. “How screens are being used in schools and the children spending long hours on them. BenQ aims to provide the ideal solution for them and the teachers,” says Liang.

E for Enhancing Learning
Speaking about schools, one cannot stress how important education is. As Liangputs it, “We have fresh graduates entering the workforce embracing the latesttechnology. Regionally in APAC, emerging markets and the mature ones still require education for the corporate sector.” There are many ways to learn. And this is whereBenQ comes into the picture.

Liang cited an example from University Malaya (UM), one of BenQ’s clients. UM is already utilising the eye-care projector and requested for help from BenQ on how to operate the projector. And BenQ is readily available to offer such assistance.He notes that teachers are usually hesitant in embracing new technology, with students in this digital age being more well-versed and thus, an embarrassing affair for the teachers. However, this should not be a cause for concern as BenQ’sproducts are user-friendly and intensive training is provided – like in the case of UM.

He further opines that Malaysia’s demographic consists mainly of the young and thetech-savvy. They are very active socially and thus instilling brand loyalty a young ageis important.

And Finally, L for Living Better…2019 and beyond
BenQ has been making strides in the B2C (business-to-consumer) scene – especially with regards to gaming peripherals. “For 2019, we want to focus on life. We want to increase our B2B business – 40 percent B2B and 60 percent B2C. And by the looks of it, China will be the most important economy for BenQ. But, judging by statistics, India, in terms of GDP growth is higher than that of China. As you can
see, we are quite focused in Asia Pacific,” says Liang, giving a glimpse of what to expect for 2019 and beyond.


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