MIMOS And Navy Extend ICT Partnership

National applied research and development centre, MIMOS and Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) have reached yet another milestone in their long-term collaboration when they agreed to continue to work together in boosting the Navy’s information and communication technologies (ICT).

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a three-year extension of the collaboration was exchanged here, today, where RMN was represented by its chief Admiral Datuk Mohd Reza Mohd Sany and MIMOS by Senior Vice-President Emelia Matrahah.

The MoU will see both parties continue to conduct a comprehensive requirement study on RMN’s technology solution needs.

The initial MoU was signed on 12 Oct 2015, which ran until 29 Oct 2018. The MoU was then renewed on 30 Oct 2018 and would see MIMOS and RMN work together until 29 Oct 2021.
During the initial MoU, several activities have been carried out including the provision of technical advisory services for the development of RMN’s Integrated Monitoring Management System; technology training programmes for RMN personnel, and adoption of MIMOS-developed TLDMnet monitoring system.

In addition, MIMOS and RMN have been working on a proof-of-concept project for the RMN Integrated Logistics Information System (RMN-ILIS), a system aimed at enhancing RMN’s coordination of its logistics, as well as boosting the naval force’s operational efficiency.
Mohd Reza said the collaboration enables RMN to provide a platform to implement R&D for proofs-of concept of latest technologies.

“This collaboration can increase the use of ICT in RMN in replacing existing systems.
“RMN hopes to continue cooperating with MIMOS in various aspects in the future, taking into account the needs of RMN like the Combat Management System,” he said.
He also hopes that the cooperation will bring huge return on investment (ROI) to RMN and to the country in general.

Emelia Matrahah said: “The extension of the MoU signifies a strong partnership, shared values and mutual trust between both organisations in supporting RMN’s operations and coordination.

“Besides reducing the dependency on foreign technology, which is more expensive, the homegrown technology developed by MIMOS will ensure that RMN’s ICT system security and sovereignty are always protected,” she said.


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