CTOS, SQL Account Form Strategic Partnership

CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd has entered into an exclusive accounting software partnership with E Stream Software Sdn Bhd to the benefit of more than 190,000 companies currently using SQL Account nationwide.

The partnership will see Malaysia’s number one accounting software empower their users to make a fast and informed, data-driven decision, with the real time data access from CTOS such as company profiles, financial highlights and directorship information via the integrated SQL Account user interface.

Dennis Martin, Group CEO of CTOS Holdings Sdn Bhd commented during the signing ceremony of the recent, “I truly believe that CTOS and SQL Account will jointly benefit
from this partnership and most importantly, we hope that the greatest benefit will be to the
businesses which use SQL Account. Through this partnership, SQL Account users will experience the added confidence of having CTOS compiled data directly at hand to make informed decisions.”

Additionally, SQL Account users will be able to sign-up for CTOS Credit Manager, the company’s flagship offering for businesses via the SQL Account agents as the authorised agent of CTOS.

CTOS Credit Manager is a cutting edge, versatile business solution tool which enables users to evaluate and monitor customers, as well as recover bad debts more easily using electronic trade references, allowing businesses to better manage risk exposure.

“Standing firm by the CTOS slogan, ‘knowledge creates confidence’, CTOS provides quick and easy access to information and plays a crucial role in creating transparency in credit related businesses. This helps reduce risk through better informed decisions and on a wider scale, benefits not only businesses but every person in the nation. The pooling of our shared expertise will open the doors to new avenues of research & development and redefine business software development,” said Desmond Law, Managing Director of E Stream Software Sdn Bhd.

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