How Employers Can Keep Staff Engagement Fun And Rewarding

Feets SB, a member of Ramssol Group, leading HR Tech company in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, launches its new app, Feet’s.  The app serves as an employee engagement tool and furthers the company’s mission in helping organisations build value by tracking and forecasting future workforce needs.

According to Aon’s latest 2018 Trends in Global Employee Report, employees in
Singapore and Malaysia are the least engaged in Asia. This reflects poorly on the
country’s ability to provide satisfactory ‘reward and recognition, strong ‘senior
leadership’ and ‘career opportunities’, which tops the list of engagement drivers in
the report.

Looking at current stats, Ramssol Group collaborated with University Malaya (UM)
on the research and development to come up with the mobile app.

Based on the research conducted by Aon, the findings are – on average, less than 33 percent of employees in an organisation are fully engaged, lower employee engagement leads to lower productivity and a higher risk of loss.

The app is designed for decision makers to know what is really going on with
their people on real-time basis – what they have accomplished, what they are
currently struggling with and how they feel.

The mobile app keeps employee engagement fun and rewarding and it is the FIRST
of its kind in Malaysia.

As a platform for companies to boost internal engagement, Feet’s is designed with
the feel-good factor in mind so that we can nurture great relationships at workplace
amongst managers and peers. Its unique approach is in its simple and friendly
workflow, combined with open collaboration, social interaction, crowdsourcing and

In addition to receiving company news and announcements, the app prioritises rewards and recognition for employees’ contributions and proactive attribute. This helps with retention especially in this new era of millennial workforce.

“It is no secret that a happy and engaged worker is a more productive and loyal
employee. As employees become more mobile, with gig economy taking over, team
spirit and loyalty is often lacking and employers are challenged to provide clear value
and strategy to position them for growth. Feet’s is primed to help organisations keep
their teams in the loop and nurture a sense of belonging,” says Clement Tan,
Chairman and CEO of Ramssol Group.
“The development of the app is informed by valuable insights acquired through our
experience and research with clients. While we can track productivity and
performance with a dynamic software, with Feet’s, HR managers can continuously
monitor if an employee is engaged or disengaged and identify appropriate and timely
interventions to achieve desired results,” added Tan.

In order to get a pulse on employee’s morale, Feet’s collaborated with the University
of Malaysia to incorporate Artificial Intelligence that will formulate insightful feedback
questions. The responses and deep analytics will help managers to initiate more
meaningful discussions with their teams, give them a new source of motivation and
create a culture of growth. Feet’s users are given incentive in a form of points in
exchange for rewards such as discounts or offers from local brands ranging from
F&B to travel and health industries, for Example Best Western Hotel, Timekeeper
and MBG Fruits.

Features of Feet’s include:
 Friendly user interface that encourages daily interaction
 Makan Buddy Meal Group with location technology that delivers push
notifications for “suggestions nearby”
 Feeters Forum to spark discussions and collaborations
 T’ing! Suggestion Box that allow autonomy of ideas and voting by members
 Weekly quizzes backed by research, positive psychology and Artificial
 High Fivers Recognition with badges earned by completing tasks and
leaderboards that promote individual achievements
 Attractive rewards that are redeemable at a wide selection of brand partners
 Executive Dashboard for real-time tracking by managers on overall
employee activity, satisfaction and stress levels

Feet’s app has gone through rigorous beta testing with diverse users to transform
how employers engage with and listen to their employees. The app will run live with
selected early adopters. To learn more, please visit (Feet’s website).


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