Can You Hack It Is Back!

Hack the hackathon for RM15,000 and a job with Hong Leong Bank returns a second time following its debut success last year. Hong Leong Bank’s Banking and Fintech product and talent discovery, offers amazing participation with a knack for digital innovation and curiousity in understanding the customer journey a one of a kind opportunity.

This unique initiative will be held on April 27-28 2019 at Menara Hong Leong in Damansara City. It will also offers further funding and support for incubator or accelerator programmes for promising projects that are presented.

Last year’s winner, Aaron Chuah, has joined HLB as an intern at its IT Centre of Excellence in January 2019 said, “The highlight of my experience at the hackathon was watching the top 10 group presentations as I learned that applications not only need to be functional but must also have creative features to increase usage. I’m excited at the chance of being hired as a full-time employee at the Bank after I graduate because Hong Leong Bank is one of the more technologically savvy banks in Malaysia. The working environment here is very conducive for tech innovation, which gives people like me the opportunity to learn more and enhance my IT skillset.”

For others, like IT graduate Tan Chun Keat, 27, who was hired as a full-time employee of Hong Leong Bank in February 2019 after his participation in last year’s hackathon, it was his experience as a first-timer at Can You Hack It that changed his perception of technology in the industry.

“Our idea was to create a web app to make it easier for SMEs to apply for loans, using automation. It was such an educational experience. I’m a developer in Group Operations & Technology now, but it was during the hackathon that I was truly exposed to how ideas can influence the way that banking works, to make things better,” he said.

What does it take to win a challenge like this, impress the judges, and potentially take home the prize money or even a job with one of Malaysia’s leading financial brands?

  1. Know what you’re there for – Take time to read the hackathon’s website. Understand what judges will be looking for. And be clear about what you think you can bring to the table.
  2. The ideas matters – Focus on the idea that you’re building and why that matters to a company, a bank, and its customers. Then find the right technology for it.
  3. Test every idea – Be willing to build fast, test often, and learn to adapt. And most importantly ask for help.
  4. You need a team – Have a team that knows what it wants.
  5. Present yourself – Use simple languages and images to present.

A collaboration with JomHack Malaysia, Google Cloud and Rakuten RapidAPI, Can You Hack It is one of the Bank’s initiatives in solving the challenge of hiring fit-for-future talent while immediately rewarding individuals and teams who demonstrate innovation and great ideas for better banking.

It is designed to allow participants to propose their ideas or solve problem statements provided by the Bank, for a better digital banking experience or new financial services, products, coding and validating them, and then demonstrating a working prototype to a panel of HLB’s key executives and observers from the local digital industry and VC scene. With over 150 FinTech developers and designers in one place, it will explore the limits of their imagination in the field of financial products, banking experiences, and in the discovery of new uses for existing technologies.


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