Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) Named One Of The World’s Best For Medical Tourism

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) has once again named Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) as one of the world’s best hospitals for medical tourism.

In a statement, PCMC Chief Executive Officer Chong Yee Mun said the hospital has been in the top 10 list since 2013.

MTQUA made the announcement in conjunction with the Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB) show, the world’s largest travel trade marketplace.

The prestigious list also included Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon; Anadolu Medical Center in Istanbul, Turkey; and Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

PCMC Chief Executive Officer Chong Yee Mun said: “PCMC has been in the top 10 list since 2013 and this recognition from MTQUA makes us even more determined to maintain and improve the level of high service and quality that we provide to our customers. Their wellbeing has always been our utmost priority and the team in PCMC is committed and dedicated to do just that. Being listed in the top 10 with these top international hospitals is an honour and serves as a continued reminder of our responsibilities and service to our patients and customers whoever they are.”

The hospitals on the World’s Best Hospitals list are evaluated closely by the MTQUA team using stringent qualification guidelines over a period of three days, before hospitals are then ranked based on the quality of medical treatment and non-clinical factors that play a role in outcomes and quality of care. These include:

  • Integrated care management
  • Clear, private, secure communications
  • Clear, transparent prices and fees, outcomes, operations
  • Fair value
  • Verified agents and network partners
  • Dedicated leadership
  • Marketing and operations consistent with healthcare ethics and values
  • Patient security and safety
  • Cultural support services
  • Social and religious sensitivity

PCMC was awarded this recognition as it has since long been a leading premier hospital for Malaysians, expatriates, and international patients – renowned for its outstanding service levels and clinical achievements.

Designed with patients’ safety, comfort, and care in mind – this 270-bedded full tertiary care private hospital provides single-bed rooms within 12-bedded wards and is on the medical forefront when it comes to the latest technology advancements and breakthroughs.

President of MTQUA Julie Munro said: “Medical tourists are paying more attention to quality and international standards in choosing a country and a hospital, yet affordability continues to be an important factor.”

She also added that today, medical tourists pour in from all countries and travel the world in search of the best medical attention they can afford.


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