Freshworks Enriches Freddy, Its AI-Powered Omnibot

Global research shows overwhelming demand for proactive service, with 69 percent of customers indicating a clear preference for brands that offer notifications and support

Freshworksa global innovator in customer engagement software, announces its latest advance in AI, wherein it can provide predictive insights into key conversion moments that empowers Sales, Support and Success to proactively identify and act upon customer needs and opportunities.

Embodying the core concept of Freshworks’ brand promise of delivering “Customer-for-Life Software”, Freddy, Freshworks’ powerful AI engine, now leverages real-time behavioral data gathered by the Freshworks suite to predict which customers are most likely to close, reformulate common FAQs via chat or voice to serve customers better, or engage with users who might churn.

New Predictive Capabilities that Drive Engagement at Every Customer Touch Point 

  1. Score Leads with Smart Predictions
    Freshworks’ CRM software Freshsales makes use of signals from multiple user touchpoints and shows deals that are trending up, trending down, or slipping away by leveraging data to read the prospect’s digital body language. This provides more certainty around revenue forecasts by assigning a predictive deal score. This score is computed based on the prospect’s behaviour on emails, phone calls, and browsing (like visiting the pricing page)
  2. Easily Predict Self Service FAQ Questions and Answers
    Freshworks’ Freddy now translates traditional static FAQs into conversational chat interfaces via text and voice chat. Freddy’s powerful Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities continuously learn different forms of questions asked by customers, based on which Freddy can automatically respond to questions paraphrased in different styles with the right answer. For example, a static FAQ such as “What are your business hours?” can also be asked by the customer as “What time do you close?”, Freddy will automatically learn that the latter is an analogue to the first and provide the same appropriate answer.
  3. Catch Frustration Signals Before Attrition
    Freshworks’ support software Freshdesk, can now read user behaviour on websites to catch signals like rage clicking, dead clicks, confused cursor movement, random scrolling as well as error messages that signal customer frustration and potential drop-offs. Freshworks’ AI engine Freddy then alerts support teams, thereby nipping costly and time-consuming support tickets in the bud.
“AI is driving massive disruption in the CRM space providing opportunities for brands to engage customers more deeply than ever before. Businesses who are adopting AI are quickly discovering that the real value is found by breaking down silos and providing predictive capabilities across the organization. Done correctly predictive AI should optimize operations, engender customer engagement and improve the experience at each and every interaction,” said Esteban Kolsky, Principal of ThinkJar and leading CRM analyst.

The AI-powered predictive engagement engine addresses unfulfilled demands of businesses to meet customer’s increasing expectations.

RecentFreshworks proprietary researchshowed that the risks and rewards have never been more acute. The survey of 3,000 individual consumers across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, and Australia, demonstrated that 69 percent have a clear preference for brands that offer proactive notifications and service. Nearly a third would also be willing to pay a premium for great service experiences. Conversely, 56 percent of those surveyed would stop doing business after a single incident of poor service. In the US, the risk is most dramatic with nearly 70 percent of consumers saying they would walk away after just one bad experience. Moreover, the risk is amplified with 60 percent of those saying they would share their displeasure with others as they make their way out the door.

“Today’s consumers are extremely demanding and expect a great experience,” says David Thompson, CMO, Freshworks. “The predictive engagement engine by Freshworks helps sales personnel identify and capitalize on opportunities and enables support teams to smartly predict leads, identify frustrated customers and optimize performance.”


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