Motorola Solutions’ Latest Mission Critical Innovation

At the Critical Communications World 2019, Motorola Solutions showcased a comprehensive set of innovations spanning mission-critical communications, command centre software, video security solutions and managed and support services.

Mission-critical communications are essential to maintaining safety and security for our communities, from daily operations to extreme events including disaster recovery. These solutions are essential for the Asia Pacific region, as evidenced by a United Nations report estimating that economic losses from natural disasters could reach USD160 billion annually by 2030. Organisations also demand new solutions to augment voice communication with the unprecedented volumes of data and video available today.

To address this need, Motorola Solutions has brought together a comprehensive, integrated mission-critical ecosystem of technologies comprising:

  • Mission-Critical Communications: including the TLK100 and LEX L11 LTE devices that show what is possible over LTE networks and the ultra-portable LXN505 public safety LTE infrastructure system.
  • Command Centre Software: to streamline and simplify daily workflows including CommandCentral Aware, the world’s only unified, proven, end-to-end public safety applications suite.
  • Video Security Solutions: including the latest from Avigilon’s video security and analytics portfolio including the H4 Thermal camera with self-learning video analytics.
  • Managed & Support Services: to enable customers to focus on their mission while staying ahead of cybersecurity threats.
“Having access to the right data enables organisations to make fast and accurate decisions about where to place their valuable resources, which work to prioritise and how to prepare for their most challenging events,” says Motorola Solutions corporate vice president, Mike deVente.
“The mission-critical ecosystem we are demonstrating at CCW draws on our 90 year heritage of innovation and our strong understanding of customers’ daily operational needs,” he adds.

At CCW, commercial customers in the transportation, energy and utilities segments will also learn how Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem and the innovations in critical communications can be customised to meet their needs. One recent example of this is Motorola Solutions’ successful integration work with Siemens to achieve railway signalling over TETRA networks to European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 standards.


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