Dell Technologies Malaysia Leads The Way In Diversity And Inclusion

Dell Technologies has launched MentorConnect, a unique cross-company mentorship programme which promotes diverse leadership development across a select network of Malaysian organisations committed to diversity and inclusion at its Cyberjaya campus.

During the launch, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, YB Hannah Yeoh, urged Malaysian employers to follow suit in embracing diversity in the workplace.

“I commend Dell Technologies and its partners for launching the MentorConnect programme – this inter-company collaboration will help those participating to think out of the box, get new ideas and be inspired by how others are doing things.

Furthermore, I encourage the private sector and companies like Dell Technologies to explore ideas beyond the professional and personal development of the workforce, and consider the idea of a family-focused workplace. Initiatives such as setting up a childcare centre in the workplace creates an enabling environment – both for mothers and fathers – for employees to thrive in the workplace. Childcare centres in the workplace not only retains women in the workforce but also assures the parents that their children are in a safe place.”

The MentorConnect programme is the brainchild of Dell Technologies Malaysia’s Women in Action Employee Resource Group (ERG) – a strong community with chapters around the world and a mix of female and male members. The Women in Action ERG aims to position Dell Technologies as an employer of choice for all by creating a supportive and inclusive environment, enabling women to achieve their goals at each point in their journey.

“At Dell Technologies, we take a business-driven approach to diversity and inclusion. D&I is not a nice-to-have, but a business imperative. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to be active in building a diverse workplace, encourage innovation and provide the resources that can make that a reality,” said Pang Yee Beng, senior vice president, South Asia, and managing director, Malaysia, Dell Technologies.

“We’re focused on cultivating an inclusive workplace where all team members feel they can be their true selves. We are immensely proud that Malaysia leads the way in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace with MentorConnect.”

Dorothy Shekhar, Senior Manager, Demand Acceleration, Global Business Services, Dell Technologies and Women in Action, Dell Technologies Cyberjaya site lead, added “We’re excited that through MentorConnect, we can make an impact on the rest of the business community outside of Dell Technologies. Together, we’re building the foundation for the next generation of Malaysians to be diverse and progressive leaders.”

With the expansion, MentorConnect now engages 17 mentors and has impacted over 220 mentees – both women and men – all of whom have been active participants in supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Mentors and mentees come from roles across their companies including: finance, sales, operations, engineering, marketing, supply chain, accounting, IT and legal. Some are new managers seeking insights from more experienced leaders while others are individual contributors looking to make that next step in their career.

“TalentCorp is proud to be part of the MentorConnect programme which aligns closely with TalentCorp’s advocacy of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) across Corporate Malaysia. We commend the commitment that Dell Technologies and the MentorConnect member companies have demonstrated in the recruitment and development of women. We are hopeful that many more companies will be inspired to embark on similar journey for employee empowerment,” said TalentCorp’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Puan Mahuran Saro Sariki.


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