Paessler Sets Motion For Ambitious Growth Plans In Malaysia

Paessler AG, a leading provider of network monitoring solutions, recently announced the opening of its key development hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This new centre of innovation is a core component of the company’s wider Asia Pacific (APAC) expansion plan to double the size of its team by 2020.

The hub will serve over 5,500 existing customers (active license holders) and over 550 active partners in the region (including South East Asia, North West Asia and Australia and New Zealand). The team is tasked with providing sales and technical support in a number of languages (such as English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and others) and across time zone – key hires include system engineers, technical support and business development roles.

Paessler’s Director for the APAC region, George Wilson, said: “After successfully expanding into the Americas, we are now ready to invest in APAC outside of Australia and New Zealand; starting with Malaysia and Japan as key anchor points for the region. Malaysia is a key international market for us and is home to a highly skilled workforce that embraces technology growth and innovation. Paessler will focus on tapping into this engineering talent for its development hub to fuel regional growth and continued momentum.”

With its expansion into APAC through the support and sales hub, Paessler’s global office count will sit at 250+.


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