What The Healthcare Industry Needs

Healthcare providers are prime targets for cyber attackers, as they store and maintain so much personal information. To date, hundreds health data breaches resulted from the exposure of patients’ records.

Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky hosting its annual Asia Pacific (APAC) Cyber Security Weekend (CWS) themed ‘Cybersecurity: Healing the Healthcare Industry’ at Yangon, Myanmar to provide a better insight on the implications of cyber operations on human lives.

As the healthcare industry in APAC is rapidly moving towards digitisation and latest innovations, it is vital for healthcare providers to have a comprehensive cybersecurity system.

Kaspersky states that healthcare organisations should be very concerned as losses incurred can be more than USD20 million from cybersecurity breaches. In recent years, the healthcare organisations have been victims of cyberattacks. The latest being Singapore whereby more than 1.5 million patients’ health records were reportedly stolen in a cyberattack.

Medical infrastructure is highly targetted by cybercriminals. It is the entry point into medical networks which allows threat actors to sit alongside doctors to get information about patients or disrupt therapy process. The threat is far from theoretical. But how big is this threat? The numbers are staggering. Research shows many medical organisations face some kind of malware attack in recent months and that the healthcare industry alone accounts for 30 percent of recent data leaks.

During the conference, many subject matter experts will share their knowledge and insights on the consequences if such cyberattacks happen.




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