7 E-Wallet Operators To Attend Selangor Smart City Convention


Southe ast Asia’s Premier Smart City and Digital Economy Convention is back for the fourth time as part of the overarching events of the Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS). The theme for this year’s 4th Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention is “Empowering The Youths with Tomorrow’s Innovations”.

The 3-day convention will be held from 11th to 13th October 2019 at MITEC with four events running throughout the entire conference’s 3-days. These 4-in-1 events will consist of:

1)What’s next for Smart City? – AI x E-Wallet x 5G Conference,

2) One Belt One Road (OBOR) Anime & Gaming Summit,

3)The Malaysia Top E-commerce Merchant Awards 2019

4)Start-up & Equity Crowdfunding Pitching Day.

Over 30 local and foreign speakers have been invited to present at the 3-day convention that is expected to have over 10,000 visitors attending. The convention will have 85 exhibition booths with the participation of 75 companies from the digital economy ecosystem. This includes various service providers, government agencies, local government departments, Venture Capitals, startups and E-Commerce merchants.

One of the main events for this year’s convention will be highlighted in the “What’s next for Smart City Conference.” Held on 11 October 2019, this conference will focus on the impact of Artifical Intelligence (AI), 5G & E-Wallets and how these technologies will change our lives and provide new business opportunities.

This topic is timely as the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan’s (NFCP) impending rollout of 5G networks in the nation is set to speed up the services on the cloud and promises significant breakthroughs in communications. The rise of AI in recent times will also be highlighted as the technology allows for faster data analysis and learning, allowing for better understanding and predictions of users’ behaviour. And with the rise of E-Wallets and their usage in Malaysia from everything from food purchases to entertainment, the country is slowly edging towards a cashless society.

A variety of experts and professionals in the fields have been invited to the conference to highlight and discuss these technologies and they include MCMC Chairman Al-Ishsal Ishak who will be delivering a keynote on how the NFCP will drive the deployment of 5G in Malaysia.

That’s not all as in the field of E-Wallets, 7 CEOs and executives from the major E-Wallets and online payment service providers including TnG Digital, Boost, Razer Fintech, FPX, Ipay88, Kiple and Wavpay have also gathered put forth their thoughts on the topic in two panels titled “What is the future of the Great E-Wallet War” and “How Cashless is Malaysia right now?”.

As for the topic of AI and how it will work for businesses and Investment, a panel of leaders and executives from major AI-related industries will be highlighting the use of the technology. These will include Gax MD a company that offers digital investment management service which uses AI to optimise portfolios of each investor, and CanBot of China, well known for building AI robots for retail as well as educational purposes.

The “What’s Next for Smart City?” Conference will be held on 11 October 2019 at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre together with the other 4th Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention events. Tickets for the “What’s Next for Smart City?” Conference will be priced at RM99 per person with an early bird price of 50% off being offered. Entrance to the rest of the exhibition and convention is free.

For more details visit www.sdeconvention.com.


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