Why The ASUS ExpertBook P5440 Is The Perfect Companion For The Modern Businessman

The ASUS ExpertBook P5440 is a lightweight, high-performance laptop that is designed for all day use and people on-the-go. One of the main highlights of the laptop is how tough, light, and good looking it really is. It weighs in at 1.23kg, and has a thinness of 18.5mm, making it highly convenient, and very portable. Keeping it in a bag, and carrying it around all day really didn’t give us much of a problem. Sometimes it was even hard to keep track that it was around, to be honest. 

But just because it’s light and thin, doesn’t mean it’s not a well-built machine. Matter of fact, the P5440 was built and strictly quality-tested in accordance with US MIL-STD 810G military standards, alongside ASUS’s own internal quality tests.

This is further enhanced by the powerful and long lasting battery life, which boasts up to 10-hours on a single charge, making it convenient to carry it around, and not be tethered to a charging port. This is thanks to the Li-ion Polymer 50wh battery, making it a powerhouse in the battery department. 

This was especially true when we got our hands on the laptop, and saw for ourselves how long this battery really lasted. On average, we’d get 8 hours of battery life, depending on how hard we’re pushing the laptop, as well as our settings on the device. But that alone was impressive enough. 

And in all honesty, that’s what’s really important for many of those in businesses, who’re working at the airport before a flight, or even getting some presentation slides ready for that all important meeting. 

But that’s not all that the laptop has to offer. In a practical sense, you don’t really need a huge display, especially if you’re a remote worker, or are plugged into a display for presentations. For that, ASUS has brought in a 14” FHD anti-glare display, with a wide-view technology, making it a comfortable read in whatever situation you’re in. There are also multiple arrays of ports to connect to pretty much anything you’d need to. This includes a USB-C port (DisplayPort & Power Delivery (PD)) as well as the all-important HDMI port, making it easy to connect to a display, or projector for presentations. 

The P5440 also comes with a high-capacity 512 GB SSD, which makes transferring files over a quick and easy, and makes the PC boot up faster, as well as making it run smoother. Starting up the laptop had never been an issue, and with the included fingerprint sensor next to the trackpad, it made getting to vital documents easy as ever. That was one of our favourite things about the ASUS ExpertBook, just how fast things were when we needed them. 

However, with all that being said, it’s making the laptop sound rigid, and stiff. But alas, it isn’t. The P5440 has a flexible hinge that allows for viewing angles of up to 180°, thanks to its lay-flat hinge. You could possibly lay the laptop flat on a table, and this makes it easy for group discussions, or collaborations, and not to mention that the viewing angles on this thing are pretty darn good. 

A flexible hinge also makes it more durable, and means less stress on the hinge area, making it less susceptible to loosening. But lastly, the keyboard is really one of our favourite things about the whole package. ASUS really put their minds to it when it came to the keyboard, because it features an ergonomic design, made to be a comfortable and efficient typing experience. It has a full size 19.05mm key pitch, making it easy for your fingers to reach the keys you need to. The 0.15mm-dished keys add comfort, while the 1.5mm key travel ensure accurate, and responsive typing. 

Overall, this laptop really does have value, and is an investment in yourself really. The laptop starts off at RM 3,999, making it a solid deal for the features it packs in. For the business savvy, as well as the fashion conscious, you can’t really go wrong with the ASUS ExpertBook P5440.

For more info on the ASUS ExpertBook P5440, visit ASUS’s site here!

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