First Robotic Wall Mural In Kuala Lumpur

Drawing inspiration from the vision of future mobility, Bosch Malaysia introduces a new paradigm in technology and art creating Malaysia’s first robotic wall mural. The mural embodies the positive synergy between man and technology, and the possibilities in which it will influence society for generations to come.

Malaysian artist Mohd Zaki Nordin turned Bosch’s vision of an autonomous, connected, and electric-powered shuttle into an artwork. This was then brought to life by Estonian start-up ‘Robot Muralist’ through their smart printing robot, “Albert”.

Bosch believes that the most substantial impact the automotive industry can make is to produce safer vehicles equipped with quality modern safety systems, which enables people to stay safe on the road – no matter whether they are driving, cycling or walking.

“When we combine art with technology, we can make it more accessible and create a positive impact within communities, especially when the artwork carries a positive or important message”, said Simon Song, managing director of Bosch Malaysia.

Bosch is actively making a difference in shaping the future of mobility by developing technologies that will make roads, as well as vehicles safer, and traffic jams a thing of the past.

Automation is one of the main drivers of a new, safe era of mobility. “Today’s mobility challenges will not solve themselves. With this project, we want to show our vision of an accident-free future that is enabled by technology,” added Song. “Autonomous driving technology can be a part of that solution, and will allow us to refocus on quality of life.”

“Showing the future of mobility is one thing – making it a reality is a far harder task to achieve. To realise our vision, Bosch Malaysia, as part of the global Bosch group is doing its part to move society forward with new technologies and innovations”, concluded Song.

The wall mural can be viewed at Wisma Tan Kim San, Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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