Future Of Work Reimagined

By 2025, we can expect more than 40 billion devices generating nearly 80 zettabytes (ZB) of data globally, hence organisations and industries need to expedite the adoption of new technologies and build technological capabilities which will enable them to flourish in an innovation-led, cloud first, artificial intelligence focused future.

Recently, Microsoft launched a first Experience Centre for Asia Pacific in Singapore showcasing a confluence of technology and partners, to empower every organisation in every industry to digitalise, disrupt, innovate and transform.

Re-imagining the future of work

Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions for Microsoft and a priority, given the multitude of opportunities to empower countries, industries and communities with digitalisation. Microsoft has created a blueprint for organisations to adopt the culture, physical spaces and technologies for a future-ready workplace.

Spread across 12,500 sq meters and six floors, the new Microsoft office brings 1,400 people together in an environment that allows the digital and physical worlds to exist in harmony. Artificial intelligence enabled cameras allow frictionless access to maintain secure spaces.

According to Andrea Della Mattea, President for Microsoft in Asia Pacific, every company will become a software company as digital transformation and tech intensity becomes pervasive in every organisation. The Experience Center Asia allows businesses in Asia Pacific to learn about the urgency with which they need to embrace this transformation, and explore our extensive portfolio of industry solutions which showcase what’s immediately available and possible by partnering with Microsoft.

“Our new regional headquarters is a representation of future workplaces. We provide organisations in the region with a real, working model of what the future of work looks like, based on a foundation of cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence and a culture of transformation. I’m excited about going into the office, where our colleagues reinforce our mission every single day by creating a culture of safety, wellness, sustainability, accessibility and comradery,”  Andrea said.

The practices within The Experience Center Asia are:

  • The Experience Zone, which showcases immersive demonstrations and current implementations across industry sectors.
  • The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) that provides facility-based technical engagements, enabling customers to focus on their decision process.
  • The Cybersecurity center that showcases Microsoft’s threat intelligence analytics, creates awareness about rising cybercrime threats, and increases the understanding of trusted digital platforms and cloud computing.
  • The Innovation Factory – where through ideation and hackathons innovative ideas come to life.





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