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Zenyum, a smile cosmetic company founded in 2018, recently raised a USD13.6 million Series A funding for further market expansion as well as extending the current range of products.

The founders, Julian Artopé and Frederik Krass, set-up the company with the purpose of making invisible braces more accessible across Asia by leveraging on the power of technology and a fast-growing network of dentists and orthodontists to deliver affordable, high quality and highly-personalised cosmetic dental products.

Patients are assessed by Zenyum’s panel of orthodontists and dentists on their compatibility for Zenyum treatment conducted through Zenyum’s website. Suitable candidates can then choose from one of the hundreds of Zenyum’s partner clinics for a 3D intraoral scan by a local doctor, to create a set of customised invisible aligners.

Every treatment plan is supervised by an experienced doctor and is specifically customised to the Southeast Asian population.  Zenyum’s app which provides monitoring and guidance throughout the customer journey, serves as a touchpoint between doctors, Zenyum experts and customers while saving chair time in clinics.

Zenyum onboards thousands of people every day onto their Smile Platform, and over 95 percent of customers use their app weekly to track their progress on their personalised smile journey, stay in touch with Zenyum doctors and save time otherwise spent waiting in practices.

The vast majority of Zenyum’s customers are upwardly mobile millennials who have recently entered the workforce – and want to boost their confidence and project their optimism with a winning smile.

In the last twelve months, the company has grown exponentially and currently operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand, with expansion plans into Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan market.

With over 100 team members across the region and revenue growing 20-30 percent month-on-month, Zenyum estimates the expanded Clear Aligner market has increased by 20 percent of the total market size so far in countries such as Singapore.

With the funding, Zenyum also hopes to further extending the current range of products beyond aligners and into retainers, teeth whitening and more – creating a new category, ‘Smile Cosmetics’.

“We are humbled by the trust and support our customers have shown us and grateful to our hundreds of partner dentists in helping them achieve confident smiles across the region. With this funding round, we are ready to build on the momentum we’ve seen this year and double down on our mission to help Asia Smile More,” said Julian Artopé, CEO and Founder of Zenyum.

“Zenyum has gained impressive traction in a short period of time, which really underscores the strength of their vision and business model. We’re impressed at how quickly they’ve put together such a strong partner network, the depth of local market insight and the high level of customer love driven by a near 100 percent success rate of the aligners,” said Galina Chifina, Partner at RTP Global.

“We’re confident that the team is right on track to build a large consumer brand with deep regional reach.”

Zenyum was part of the inaugural Surge cohort, a rapid scale up program for early stage startups in India and Southeast Asia launched by Sequoia Capital India earlier this year.


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