Quick And Flexible Recipes For Your Business

amnimo Inc with partners TK International Sdn Bhd, an IT solutions provider, launches a package of suites called amnimo sense to offer important services from installation to operations of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

amnimo sense is an easy-to-use service which do not require a complicated system configuration to measure, connect and apply the communication devices, networks and basic cloud devices. This comprehensive package provides customers the ease of connection and implementation with no specialised knowledge needed.

Customers from various industrial domains can create IIoT configurations to suit their needs, simply and effectively. Hence, they can convert knowledge and ideas obtained from IIoT into new businesses.

The partnership’s objective is to make amnimo sense a service which is constantly improving and evolving for the ease of use and implementation to support customers’ business innovation. This service is available in user-friendly instalments from one month onwards with rates according to the pre-requirement.

For example, the actual service usage monthly fee is calculated based on the number of endpoint devices and gateways selected by the user on the ecommerce website, the data traffic volume on the mobile network and the number of users.

As a security measure, each gateway of a customer will be issued a unique digital certificate installed at the factory before it is shipped out. All data communications are encrypted to secure data authenticity.

Basic Features of amnimo sense

  • Developed exclusively by amnimo, the endpoint devices adopt an energy-saving design enables continuous data gathering over extended periods of time
  • The endpoint devices consist of a communication module integrated with an I/O interface
  • The gateway connects the endpoint devices to the amnimo cloud system.

Use cases of amnimo sense: amnimo recipes

amnimo recipes help transform your business by providing solutions to problems that arise on the front lines of a wide range of businesses quickly and flexibly.

  • Recipe for monitoring temperatures inside aquaculture freezers
  • Recipe for monitoring and recording temperatures for warming cabinets in the hospital
  • Recipe for CO2 concentration management for greenhouse cultivation
  • Recipe for detecting uncomfortable conditions in buildings
  • Recipe for monitoring operation of equipment (signal tower light)
  • Recipe for monitoring operation of equipment (AC cable)
  • Recipe for visualisation of parts inventory in plants
  • Recipe for visualisation remaining food and tableware for restaurants
  • Recipe for detection of intrusion into hazardous areas
  • Recipe for notification of door opening/closing
  • Recipe for oxygen concentration management in underground machine room
  • Recipe for monitoring electrical leakage from equipment

As of this date, there are fifteen amnimo recipes. Further information on amnimo sense recipes can be found at the following website: https://amnimo.com/en/solution/recipe/

Subscription services to and for the use of amnimo sense is available from amnimo’s e-commerce website:https://support.amnimo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001894173


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