Ecotourism New Favourite for Gen Z Travellers

Ecotourism Experiences in Malaysia were one of the top picks amongst Generation Z guests (aged 24 and below*) over the past year, marking a progressive shift in travel trends towards sustainable tourism and off-the-beaten-path Experiences.

Global hospitality marketplace Airbnb today announced that Gen Z guests comprise its fastest growing guest segment for Airbnb Experiences in Asia Pacific. In both Malaysia as well as the region, Generation Z guest bookings more than tripled year-over-year.
Based on latest Airbnb data, most-booked Experience categories by Gen Z guests in Malaysia include, Ecotourism Experiences,  Food and Entertainment Experiences and Culture and Learning Experiences.

“Travelers today want unique, memorable experiences and that’s what we deliver. The rapid growth of Gen Zs booking Airbnb Experiences reflects how this new generation actively seeks a different form of travel,” shared Parin Mehta, Managing Director for Airbnb Experiences, Asia Pacific.

“We see this manifesting three-fold: firstly, Gen Zs are driven by a new experience-led economy where they place greater value on experiences over ownership. They are also travelling more than the generations before them and finding ways to make travel a
significant part of their lifestyle. Lastly, they have a deep understanding of how technology can transform the way they travel and know to turn to platforms like Airbnb for the unique and authentic experiences they want.”

To stay ahead of the curve, Airbnb Experiences has launched several seasonal and on-trend experiences in addition to new categories. This year, guests from all around the world were invited to ride this summer’s hottest K-wave in Seoul with the launch of K-pop and K-beauty Experiences in August. Guests could also book unique experiences as Airbnb launched three new Experiences categories this year alone, expanding its unrivalled collection with Airbnb Adventures, Airbnb Animal Experiences, and Airnb Cooking Experiences.


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