Sunway Malls Celebrate Lunar New Year With Lots Of Blessings

This Lunar New Year, each mall takes on a traditional element symbolising fortune, abundance, happiness and luck for the Lunar New Year featuring various traditional elements such as gold (symbolising Fortune), rice (symbolising Abundance), bottle gourd or húlu (symbolising Luck) and glutinous rice balls or tang yuan (symbolising Happiness).

Shoppers and visitors can experience an overflow of abundance, happiness, fortune and luck at the malls with a host of auspicious banks set up to usher in good wishes for the festive celebration.

“At Sunway Malls, we are elated to usher in the 2020 Lunar New Year which marks a dawn of a prosperous and harmonious decade for all. This year, we celebrate the distinctive traditional elements held dear to many as a symbol of good luck, wealth, happiness and prosperity in the new year. These customs represent the well-wishes and an abundance of blessings from all of us at Sunway Malls to our community near and far as we gather in the spirit of festivity for the new year,” said HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks.

Bank of Fortune at Sunway Pyramid

Synonymous with the colour of royalty, Sunway Pyramid is taking on a glittering gold theme with the Bank of Fortune to usher in prosperity, brought to life from 27 December 2019 to 9 February 2020. During the New Year, gold is often presented to loved ones as an auspicious gift, signifying blessings and good luck.

Bank of Abundance at Sunway Velocity Mall

Welcome the Year of the Rat with Sunway Velocity Mall’s Bank of Abundance from 31 December 2019 to 9 February 2020, where the mall’s Main Atrium on Ground Floor is transformed into a quaint little village inspired by Sekinchan, the main producer of rice in Malaysia. Surrounded by bountiful harvest and scenic paddy fields, the paddy fields signify the blessings of a plentiful and abundant New Year.

Bank of Happiness at Sunway Putra Mall

At Sunway Putra Mall, the main concourse of mall is dotted with adorable “Tang Yuan” also known as glutinous rice balls in tandem with the theme of Bank of Happiness from 30 December 2019 to 9 February 2020. ‘Tang Yuan’ is used to spread happiness as it is sweet in taste and traditionally served during Chinese New Year or happy occasions with loved ones.

Spice up your Instagram feed by visiting the Bowl of Joy, an insta-worthy spot where you can can sit in a larger than life bowl filled with “Tang Yuans”. Get acquainted with your Chinese New Year essentials at the Festive Bazaar where an array of festive offerings such as snacks, hampers, beard candy, fresh flowers, and more. Apart from that, enjoy “Huat” deals as low as RM8 at selected outlets. Heat up your fun shopping adventure with Lion Dance performances, God of Prosperity appearances, Arts & Crafts workshops, a Calligraphy Competition, Talent Show, Colouring Contest and Kids Singing Competition.

Bank of Luck at Sunway Carnival Mall

At Sunway Carnival Mall, red lanterns and distinctive Calabash or Bottle Gourd, also known as húlu in Chinese, take on the central theme to the mall’s Bank of Luck celebration at its main concourse from 3 January to 2 February 2020. According to Chinese belief, húlu signifies good fortune, protection and longevity for the New Year and is traditionally carried in one’s bag or placed in the home for good luck.

Adding to the festive mood, there are sizzling happenings taking place throughout the campaign period such as the unique lion dance performances, a fan painting workshop, God of Prosperity appearances, tarot reading, auspicious calligraphy giveaway and more. Kick start the celebration with festive essentials available on the mall’s Lower Ground and Upper Ground Floor such as dried and frozen seafood, festive cookies, gift hampers and more.

Bank of Fortune at Sunway Giza

Over at Sunway Giza’s Centre Boulevard, shoppers can snap photos with a traditional Chinese town hall from 3 January till 9 February 2020, featuring a large gold coin, gold inglots and cherry blossom trees symbolising the beginning of a new year filled with prosperous blessings. Enjoy Lion Dance performances on selected weekends and shop for your essentials at the Chinese New Year bazaar along the boulevard.

Bank of Fortune at Sunway Big Box Retail Park & Sunway Citrine Hub

Experience the Bank of Fortune down south at Sunway Big Box Retail Park and Sunway Citrine Hub. Snap photos with the floral and festive gold coin themed Lunar New Year décor, take part in fun CNY workshops and greet the God of Prosperity for an auspicious year ahead!

Head over to Sunway Big Box Retail Park every weekend from 4 January to 2 Feb 2020 for a magnificent Acrobatic High Pole Lion Dance performance or join our Four Unique Challenges to capture ‘Nian’ (a legendary beast) at Sunway Citrine Hub on 18 and 19 January.

The launch was officiated by HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks; Kevin Tan, COO of Sunway Malls; KS Wong, Senior General Manager of Sunway Malls; Eric Tee, General Manager of Leasing, Sunway Pyramid, Phang Sau Lian, General Manager of Sunway Velocity Mall; Danny Lee, General Manager of Sunway Putra Mall; Chai Wen Yew, General Manager of Sunway Carnival Mall; Albert Cheok, Assistant General Manager of Sunway Giza Mall; and Allan Tay, Assistant General Manager of Sunway Citrine Hub and Sunway Big Box Retail Park.


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