Coronavirus Outbreak: Producers Assure Enough Supply Of Gloves

Denis Low the President of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), in a press statement recently has allayed the fear that there may be shortage of medical gloves in the face of the onslaught of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

Low has assured that MARGMA members were prepared to gear up glove production
to meet the requirements if the virus outbreak becomes pandemic.

“While we may be having a shortage of workers and the fact that we cannot have more
overtime, the industry will then have to tweak the production lines to run at optimum levels, to churn out the medical gloves to supply to the world.

“Already, there are serious ongoing procurement of gloves, from the affected areas and if it becomes pandemic, the demand can be astronomical. Taking a lesson from the H1N1 virus and the notion that the coronavirus can be much more worse than H1N1, the Rubber Glove Industry will certainly ramp up production to meet the demand; purely from a humanitarian stance,” he said.

“During the period of H1N1, medical glove consumption grew by 17 percent. Our members are noble and will surely provide the necessary humanitarian services to the healthcare sectors. We hope and pray, that the virus can be contained and will not spread as quickly as the H1N1. However, if the situation warrants it, we will be ready and will be able to provide enough medical gloves to the world.”

Commenting on the market situation and trends for 2020 and beyond in the continents, Low commented that the industry was expecting an inevitable rise in cost relating to wages, utilities, packaging and the extra cost incurred in ensuring a conducive working environment for all our workers.


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