MDEC Honoured With WCO Certificate Of Merit Award

The World Customs Organization (WCO) Certificate of Merit award marks a significant milestone for Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) on their initiative to enable digital transformation and adoption. It is a recognition of MDEC’s collaboration with the RMCD for rendering exceptional service to the international Customs community.

eCommerce has become an important part of international trade. The adoption and growth of eCommerce are creating vast opportunities for local companies and SMEs to tap into global demand in cross-border trade. With high volumes of small parcels and buyers’ expectations for quick fulfillment in cross-border eCommerce, Customs authorities around the world need to enhance efficiency in trade facilitation while performing their enforcement responsibilities.

MDEC is fully committed to collaborating with RMCD in its trade facilitation digitalisation journey to ensure speed and efficiency in border clearance.

“With digitalisation, data can be captured and processed seamlessly, which subsequently translates to high-accuracy data outputs that can be a powerful tool for planning, enforcement and risk management. This initiative by MDEC, in collaboration with RMCD, paves the way towards a data-driven trade facilitation to drive the nation’s digital economy forward and places Malaysia at the Heart of Digital ASEAN”, Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, Chief Operating Officer of MDEC, says.

MDEC remains steadfast to capitalise on the exponential growth of the digital economy and cross-border eCommerce by facilitating digital cross-border trade. This initiative seeks to elevate Malaysia as an investment destination for regional eCommerce fulfillment hubs subsequently turning the cross-border eCommerce industry into an engine of growth towards a future of shared prosperity.

The WCO Certificate of Merit is awarded to eight public and private sector organisations, including MDEC, for their involvement and contribution in driving economic growth and preserving national security, in conjunction with the 38th ICD 2020 celebration.

The WCO Certificate of Merit was presented by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Dato’ Wira Ir. Haji Amiruddin Hamzah accompanied by the Director General of RMCD, Dato’ Seri Paddy bin Abd Halim to MDEC, represented by its Chief Operating Officer, Dato’ Ng Wan Peng.


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