Kaspersky Keeps You Safe From Web Threats

From January till December 2019, Kaspersky products detected 36 million different internet-borne cyber threats, with 41.5 percent of users attacked by web-borne threats during this period. This places Malaysia in 13th place worldwide when it comes to the dangers associated with web surfing.

Phishing is one of the easiest and most popular social engineering techniques to exploit online users.

The overall number of user attempts to visit fraudulent websites that were detected and blocked by Kaspersky solution for days leading up to February 14 dramatically peaked from over two million in 2018 to more than 4.3 million in 2019.

Kaspersky says that malware in web traffic is found during browsing when a user visits an infected site or a malicious online advertisement. Users’ can unintentionally download certain programs or files from the internet, malicious attachments from online e-mail services, and malicious components or communications as performed by other malware.

So, how can users avoid getting malicious software? By having cyber hygiene. Cyber hygiene is a reference to the practice and steps that users for both computers and other devices can take to maintain a healthy system and improve online security.

Kaspersky has the following advice for staying safe:

  • Phishers often exploit emotions – including those connected with relationships and love. They can exploit romantic expectations by including messages that demand immediate action or ask for vast amounts of very personal and seemingly irrelevant information.
  • Pay extra attention to emails promising ‘one time only’ offers or various goods for free. Do not click on links of emails from unknown people or organisations. Look for ‘https’ on the webpage especially when any personal or financial information is required.
  • Have a separate bank card and account with a limited amount of money. This will avoid serious financial losses if bank details are stolen.
  • Use a reliable security solution with anti-phishing and secure payment capabilities, of which Kasperky readily offers.

By following Kasperky’s advice, users will be sure to not run into any potential web threats at all as long as everyone practices cyber hygiene.


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