Malaysian Prime Minister announces movement restriction to curb Covid-19 outbreak

(Photo by Mohd RASFAN / AFP)

Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin has announced a movement restriction order for all activities inclusive of sports and religious activities from March 18 till March 31st, in a press conference.

Friday prayers in mosques as well as religious activities will be barred until the movement restriction order is lifted. The restriction will also apply to any mass gatherings.

Pre-schools, kindergartens and schools both private and public will all be closed for this period. The closure ban will also be applied to universities and skill-based institutions as well.

The prime minister has also reiterated that utility stores along with the banking industry will continue to be open throughout the period.

Convenient stores along with supermarkets will be open for basic necessities.

The Covid-19 outbreak has spread to 135 countries with over 162,711 positive cases. Globally, the virus has taken the lives of 6,443 victims.

In Malaysia, 190 positive cases have been recorded last night followed by 125 cases today, amounting to as many as 553 people suspected to be infected by the virus.

511 people are being treated with 42 having been cured.

Complete travel ban will be imposed on Malaysians travelling overseas while those returning to the country will have to commit to a 14-days self-quarantine.

































190 cases last night – jumlah keseuruhan 553 orang – daripada jumlah tersebut – 42 telah pulih – the government is taking the situation seriously – mencegah penularan – menjangkiti ramai rakyat – tindakan drastik – – kerjaan memutuskan perintah kawalan pegerakan starting 18th till 31st – larangan pegerakan  – sosial – budaya – agama – semua rumah ibadat hendak ditutup except pasaraya, pasar awam, kedai runcit – for basic necessity – 95 out of 125 cases are from sri petaling case – penutupan semua taska, sekolah swasta and kerajaan – institusi pendidikan




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