KKMM applauds digital and tech industry’s assistance to local SMEs

The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia of Malaysia (KKMM) applauds the strong response from over 80 digital and tech companies under the #DigitalVsCovid movement to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that were negatively impacted by the Movement Control Order (MCO) that the government introduced to reduce COVID-19 infections.

KKMM’s agency, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), introduced the #DigitalVsCovid movement to galvanise support from the digital economy stakeholders to combat COVID-19 and mitigate the business risks arising from it.

KKMM Minister,YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, shared that #DigitalVsCovid movement in-line with the ministry’s objective and MDEC’s mandate to lead the digital economy forward and accelerate digital adoption among the people.

MDEC,through its ongoing industry outreach efforts by its Global Growth Acceleration (GGA) Division, successfully connected with more than 80 International standard Malaysian tech and digital companies to provide various solutions and services to help SMEs and the nation during these challenging times.

“These industry leaders will be offering their solutions and services, either pro bono or at a significantly discounted price, to SMEs. In doing so, we hope to also get SMEs on board the digital wagon so they can sustain their business operations effectively until April 14, when the MCO is targeted to end.

“The action by these companies will also help keep the nations digital economy moving forward and ensures Malaysians are able to benefit from the digital economy. More importantly, the solutions that these GGA companies offer will ensure the current prevention measures in place – social distancing,cashless transaction, and maintaining general hygiene and cleanliness – remain effective. All these will, therefore,reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection spreading,” he added.

“KKMM truly appreciates how quickly MDEC is able to plan and execute this movement. As these efforts continue to be improved, KKMM will also continue to develop new initiatives that will help all Malaysians, even businesses, to benefit from the efforts that MDEC has introduced to tackle this challenging times,” Saifuddin said.

For the benefit of Malaysians, MDEC has compiled the list the digital and tech companies that have stepped forward to offer assistance. Please click here to access the Tech Relief Solutions.


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