PM announces RM 250 billion stimulus package, RM 100 billion for businesses

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin has announced a RM 250 billion Economic Stimulus Package to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

RM 100 billion of the package will be used to aid businesses, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The government has also allocated close to RM 10 billion to offer a one-off payment to the M40 group, including public servants, farmers, fisherman and small business owners.

RM 500 million has been allocated with the aim of providing 15 percent discount for the electric bills in the tourism sector and two percent discount for the commercial, industrial, agriculture and household necessity sector.

As for the telecommunication and multimedia industry , several packages will be offered with the collaboration of telcos.

This will include a free internet package worth RM 600 starting April 1 until the end of the MRO.

Additionally, RM 500 million will be allocated to the Ministry of Health with another RM 1 billion for purchase of medical aid and services to combat the Covid-19 outbreak.

Special allowance of RM200 a month will be given to frontliners such as police, immigration, customs department

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