UNITAR the 1st higher learning institution to receive 5 star ratings

UNITAR International University (UNITAR) is the first institute of higher learning in Asia to receive the 5-Star ratings awarded by United Kingdom-based QS Stars in the category of online/distance learning.

With the accolade, UNITAR will be able to promote its world-class academic programs, research, industry engagement and graduate employability to prospective students, alumni, and key university partners.

UNITAR was also rated the maximum 5-Stars in other specific categories evaluated on teaching, employability, accounting & finance and inclusiveness.

In a statement by UNITAR Chief Executive Officer Puvan Balachandran, he said the rating exercise further strengthens UNITAR’s growing reputation as a viable institute of higher learning

“We will be able to provide quality, practical education to all strata of society – not just school leavers but also professionals seeking to improve their career prospects in Malaysia and abroad,” Puvan said.

UNITAR has always been an affordable and premier institute of higher learning with the aim of providing the most accessible path to an education for many of our young Malaysians.

“We are delighted with our achievement of 5-Stars in five different categories, thanks to all the hard work by our committed academics and staff,” he added.

In 1997, even before the proliferation of broadband Internet, Unitar was ahead of its time offering web-based learning to their students.

The university’s goal has always been consistent, as Puvan pointed out, which is to develop graduates who can critically analyse situations in a holistic manner to discover new experiences by using available resources to change their challenges into opportunities that benefit not only themselves but also their communities.

Due to the growing demand in technology-centric workspaces, the students of today need to participate in an immersive, online environment – an area which UNITAR excels in based on the prestigious QS 5-Star Rating – in order to excel after graduation.

UNITAR’s signature online programmes are Diploma of Education Early Childhood, Bachelor of Education, Bachelors of Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Education.

UNITAR vice-chancellor Professor Dr Noor Raihan Ab Hamid hailed the QS rating a milestone achieved by the university.

“The prestigious benchmark is yet another indication that UNITAR’s unique online education model infused with high standards of excellence, are recognised internationally,” she said, adding that UNITAR students will gain the ability to interact and collaborate with peers
and lecturers on various technology forums, making them highly employable.

QS Stars facilitates the evaluation of universities and schools across a much broader range of criteria and with respect to established thresholds rather than the performance of others.

The rating system was launched in 2009 to better assess institutions more broadly that is possible through rankings alone.


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