Intel Malaysia supports the nation’s healthcare system and frontliners

By Sharon Chang

Intel Malaysia, the first offshore site for Intel Corporation, is doing their part to ease the burden on our nation’s healthcare system to fight against the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.

They have committed to donate over RM2 million to assist the healthcare professionals.

Robin Martin, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Assembly Test Manufacturing at Intel Corporation applauds the Malaysian government and Ministry of Health for working overtime to protect the citizens.

Robin Martin, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Assembly Test Manufacturing at Intel Corporation

“We recognise the extra strain this current situation is putting on them and particularly the healthcare front liners.”

“For starters, Intel is purchasing the much-needed ventilators, air purifiers, patient monitors and also funding the purchase of COVID-19 test kits for general hospitals in Penang and Kedah,” Robin says in an emailed response to questions from Business Today.

Additionally, Intel has already deployed 5400 face masks to the hospitals and 1,000 more is on the way to the Police and Customs.

“We continue to look for avenues.”

Intel is in collaboration with #AMCHAMCares, working directly with the designated COVID-19 hospitals in Penang and Kedah, as well as with MITI and MOH on the needs to ensure that our donations gets to the institutions that need them in a timely manner,” he adds.

Intel’s technology provides core computing capacity for computers and servers used for network operability and data storage, and is responsible for computing power for medical research, robotics for assisted patient care, artificial intelligence and data analytics for public health.

Made in Malaysia Intel server chips are helping battle COVID-19, by powering the computing capability for medical research and big data analytics to speed up the detection of the coronavirus and to develop an effective vaccine.

Intel technologies are also powering the connected world – from supercomputers used in developing cures for COVID-19, to the cloud and datacentre where small and medium businesses (SMEs), the Government and schools rely on to run their businesses and operations remotely, during this critical period.

Today, Intel Malaysia employs more than 10,000 employees including the country’s largest design and development centre and one of only two Intel shared services hubs supporting HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, and Supply Chain operations to Intel sites globally.

Intel Malaysia is also Intel’s largest assembly and test manufacturing site that produces Intel’s latest products utilizing smart manufacturing techniques.


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