Mah Sing Group commits RM 4.1 million in support of fight against Covid-19

Mah Sing Group Berhad has committed RM 4.1 million in support of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic together with its corporate responsibility arm, Mah Sing Foundation.

Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin received the donation pledge of 20 units of heavy duty critical-care ventilators worth RM 3.9 million.

The Group is also committing a total of 100,000 pieces of face masks , in which the first 60,000 will be donated to Kuala Lumpur City Hall and the state of Selangor.

Additionally, the Group also donated RM 50,000 to the Tabung Bencana Negeri Johor for the purchases of protective equipment for the healthcare front liners.

The Group’s concerted efforts towards addressing the Covid-19 pandemic is in line with the government’s call for more corporations to play an active role in limiting the spread and impact of Covid-19.

“We can learn from other countries which have gone through this pandemic. To manage potential imported cases of Covid-19 perhaps we can learn from places like Hong Kong, which mandates the use of an electronic tag, or Singapore, which requires location reporting via smartphones for returnees from high-risk countries who are observing their 14-day stay-home period. Singapore is also placing residents returning from the U/S and the U.K in hotels to prevent them from potentially spreading the virus to their families, a measure that’s tighter than one that earlier allowed them to serve the 14-day quarantine at home,” founder and group managing director, Leong Hoy Kum said.

In an effort to further flatten the curve, he further expressed hope that unregistered workers and their families can come forward to get tested for Covid-19 without fear and has urged Putrajaya to encourage employers to send their foreign workers for testing without penalising the companies for the unregistered foreign workers.


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