FWD Takaful introduces online hospital cash income plan

FWD Takaful Berhad has introduced an online hospital cash income plan, FWD MedSecure Direct, which provides coverage and cash allowance for every day a patient is hospitalised.

“In line with our vision to change the way people feel about takaful, we’ve developed an online hospital cash income plan which is quick and easy to apply for, providing coverage to support yourself and your family should you fall ill and need to cover the loss of income. The plan is useful to all Malaysians and will help with your out-of-pocket expenses including your living and certain medical expenses which might not be covered under your existing medical plan when you’re hospitalised,” said Salim Majid Zain, chief executive officer.

The plan offers an option to cover accidental medical reimbursement benefits to be attachable to the plan and in addition, participants are also entitled to 20 percent discount if no claims to be made the past two certificate years. This in return, will see the contribution amount reduce by 20 percent on the next certificate year.

Furthermore, FWD Takaful’s new offering also provides the option for an individual plan, couple plan, family plan or single parent plan. As for the family plan, up to two children will be covered and future contributions shall be waived in the event the certificate owner passes away.

The feature of waiver of contribution will also be made available for couple and single parent plans.

A complimentary special extension of coverage and benefits for Covid-19 has been extended to the FWD MedSecure Direct plan as well.

Certificate owners will be entitled to an additional death benefit of RM 20,000 upon death due to Covid-19. Compassionate benefit of RM 5,000 per person upon immediate family member’s death or diagnosis with Covid-19 will also be paid.

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