Gamuda Land’s employees safety comes first amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Gamuda Land, one of Malaysia’s leading property developers, is mindful for their people’s safety and as such is taking precautionary measures to improve workplace safety in preparation for post movement control order (MCO).

Ngan Chee Meng, Chief Executive Officer of
Gamuda Land

Ngan Chee Meng, Chief Executive Officer of Gamuda Land said in a statement that as this is an unprecedented situation and will take some time to improve, they are setting procedures to continuously test their people especially their frontliners.

“We will ensure that we have proper tracking system in place so we are able to detect and trace any expected cases early including their contacts to avoid a spread of the virus, keeping cases to a minimum number,” Ngan said.

Gamuda Land has screened all of its employees and established a baseline for monitoring and will continue to do so after the MCO is lifted by the government.

The company said all of its front-liners and foreign workers who are most at risk will have to undergo a monthly re-test while those who are of lower-risk group will be re-tested on bimonthly basis which will allow early detection, tracking of their contacts and isolation to reduce the spread of the virus.

In addition, as guided by recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO), workplace hygiene and cleanliness are crucial to combat the virus, daily cleaning and weekly sanitisation are being carried out at all Gamuda Land’s offices as well as experience galleries.

Cleaning and sanitisation efforts at Gamuda Land include centralised labours’ quarters (CLQ), which are housing provided for foreign workers.

At the same time, the company is also increasing the number of CLQs to house these workers, to reduce the density of each CLQ, effectively decreasing the risk of the virus spread.

Furthermore, the management is also monitoring its employees through a mandatory daily online survey to assess employees’ and their family or housemate’s health.

For extra precautionary measures, once the MCO is lifted and people resume work in the office, the company will implement partial work-from-home for its employees with a weekly rotation schedule between two teams; one working in the office and the other from home.

“We are doing our parts to take care of our people and customers’ health and safety so that we can help reduce the burden of our hospitals’ doctors, nurses and caregivers who are currently working hard to contain the pandemic,” said Ngan adding that all Gamuda Land’s experience galleries will also provide face masks to visitors and limit the number of visitors in its gallery at every point of time as a control measure.

“Our planning includes operational business continuity plans to minimise disruption to our business and service delivery to our customers and stakeholders,” Ngan concluded.

The management is also mindful of post-recovery planning which will be activated at the appropriate time.

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