Aerodyne makes strategic investment in the Middle East

Aerodyne Group, a world-leading provider of dronebased asset management solutions, announced a strategic investment in FEDS Group Holdings Ltd (“FEDS”), the leading drone player in the Middle East.

The investment allows Aerodyne Group to leverage on FEDS’ strong growth trajectory and financial performance to further enhance value for its shareholders.

FEDS has conducted thousands of commercial operations for some of the biggest companies in the Middle East, while Aerodyne itself is already a global leader with more than 300,000 infrastructure assets inspected and managed across 25 countries.

Both companies are ranked among the top 20 drone service providers by Drone Industry Insights, a leading source for independent drone market intelligence.

In a statement, Kamarul A Muhamed, founder and Group CEO of Aerodyne said that FEDS will bring the expertise of one of the top leaders in the global drone services industry and will provides Aerodyne a strong foothold to accelerate their expansion into the Middle East.

“We are proud to welcome FEDS into the Aerodyne family,” Kamarul added.

He also pointed out that by combining their expertise and FEDS local content, they have created a platform which is primed to be the market leader in the region and will supercharge their next phase of growth.

FEDS will continue to provide premium turnkey aerial inspections of infrastructure assets in the energy utilities, geospatial survey, public infrastructure and telecommunications sectors.

“Leveraging on Aerodyne’s DT^3 technology will enable FEDS to offer deeper disruptive solutions to the Middle Eastern market,” FEDS founder and CEO, Rabih Bou Rached said, adding that by combining smart drones and AI, advanced analytics and solution approach to enterprise digitalisation, their solutions will give clients significant performance improvement and cost optimisation.

“I am very excited with this strategic alliance and have no doubt that this partnership will add significant value to FEDS, our clients and to Aerodyne Group, Rabih said.

“We look forward to continuously create value and expand the frontier in the drone services space together with Aerodyne.”

This strategic investment is part of Aerodyne’s aggressive two-year global plan which will potentially see the completion of seven M&As within the period.

In December 2019, Aerodyne announced a similar strategic alliance with Measure UAS in America.

Rabih Bou Rached also joins the Aerodyne Group’s global leadership team, bringing with him 8 years of invaluable experience and expertise in drone services sectors across multiple verticals.

Commenting on the announcement, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) CEO Surina Shukri said, the strategic investment clearly demonstrates the leadership position Aerodyne has established globally in DroneTech.

“I congratulate Aerodyne, a member of MDEC Global Growth Acceleration’s GAIN Programme, and I am also proud of Aerodyne’s success as it has catalysed a wider adoption of DroneTech as a key enabler of digital transformation across sectors in Malaysia”


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