F-Secure rolls out ‘no-strings attached’ detection and response service

F-Secure Corporation is renowned for its end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. In Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia, it is helmed by regional manager (SEA) Yong Meng Hong (pic above), who tells Business Today that F-Secure has always been at the forefront of consumers and businesses, protecting millions of computers globally.

“Through experience, F-Secure has developed security products ranging from individual consumer protection all the way to major corporates,” said Yong.

He also shared that the company recently launched a new offering based on its award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) service, F-Secure Countercept.

The new offering, F-Secure Countercept Rapid, can be deployed in a matter of days and offers flexible pricing and operational simplicity to help it fit businesses’ changing needs.

“With remote work becoming a sudden necessity and effectively is business as usual, companies are now facing unprecedented challenges,” he said.

As a consequence, many organisations are lowering quality controls while they make short term tactical fixes to support their remote workforce, increasing their exposure to threats and potentially debilitating cyberattacks.

“Remote work is the 2020 security trend nobody predicted. Developments such as increasing numbers of exposed RDP ports, more unpatched devices, and the ad-hoc introduction of BYOD policies, are new opportunities for attackers,” described Yong, adding that “the smart way to do security is about providing companies with one or more safety nets while critical resources, such as email and other vital communication channels, so that there’s business continuity.”

F-Secure Countercept is a fully-managed service that helps organisations hunt down threats and detect advanced attackers within minutes. It provides threat intelligence, industry-leading detection rates, and advanced threat hunting capabilities, giving businesses sophisticated cyber defenses to combat modern targeted attacks as they unfold.

“MDR solutions like F-Secure Countercept offer immediate value by providing organisations with a reliable defensive foundation they can trust. Using it as a bedrock helps secure the value of longer time-to-value projects to strengthen compliance, coordination, and correlation,” said Yong.

On F-Secure Countercept Rapid, Yong explained that it provides this same value while offering enhanced flexibility in pricing and contract terms.

“Its operational simplicity ensures it’s fast and easy to deploy, making it an ideal fit for companies that have an immediate need for an MDR service.”

Some of F-Secure Countercept Rapid’s key features and benefits include:

  • Simplified onboarding (service can be deployed in a matter of days)
  • Advanced Threat Hunting and 24/7 detection and response services
  • Easy upgrade to F-Secure Countercept’s full service
  • Personalised insights into tactical deployments
  • Notification of a detection within 15 minutes
  • Immediate remote response capability
  • Rolling contract

He concluded by saying that F-Secure Countercept Rapid is essentially a “no-strings attached way” to quickly acquire world-class detection and response capabilities without worrying about how it fits into a long-term security strategy.

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