MATA urges IATA to waive fees amid Covid-19 crisis

(Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP)

The Malaysian Association Tour Agency is urging the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to waive all fees for their members.

This is in accordance to the cancellation of major events that has also brought businesses nationwide to a halt due to the ongoing pandemic.

MATA believes that the financial impact facing the agency’s members can be cushioned through the waiver of the 2021 membership fees, 2020 monthly fees as well as to grant extension for the 2019 audited account submission till the end of the year.

“This move will help our members that has bestow their strong support towards IATA in previous years. Since IATA has forecasted that 50 percent of all airline business will disappear this year throughout the world, we believe that IATA can do something to help our members from closing their doors. As this is an exceptional situation we hope IATA would also take an exceptional move to waive the above fees,” the agency stated in press release.

MATA has also stated that failure by the association to aid impacted members will lead to losing more businesses as the agency will advise the members to not renew their IATA membership

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