Dutch Lady brings more cheer to our Malaysians impacted by MCO

As part of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad’s (DLMI) role as a responsible corporate citizen, the company has contributed more than 160,000 packs of various-flavoured milk to several organisations to help the stranded, less fortunate members of society as well as frontline heroes during the movement control order (MCO).

DLMI supplied Dutch Lady UHT milk packets to the Universiti Malaya Food Bank (UM Food Bank), Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia, and the Autism Cafe Project which will then be distributed to qualified recipients.

According to Tarang Gupta, DLMI Managing Director, DLMI is ever ready to help Malaysians. The company has strong roots in Malaysia and has been serving generations of Malaysians with quality dairy products since 1963.

“We also continue to work with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to help nourish underprivileged stratas of societies,” he added.

“We are thankful that DLMI responded to calls by the UM Food Bank to supplement food for the students during this difficult time, and hope this act of generosity would encourage more such corporate deeds to materialise,”  Encik Mizra Hilmi Abu Bakar, student welfare coordinator, UM Food Bank said.

The milk products received have been channelled up to 1,500 university students stranded on their campus when the MCO was announced.

“We hope this form of assistance is continued, ensuring our future generation to continue getting proper nourishment,” he added.

Encik Ab Wahab Long, Chief Executive Officer, Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia said they are working with DLMI and other organisations to help students in need in the higher learning institutions throughout Malaysia.

“The milk helps complete our meal packs to the students, ensuring they have a balanced meal during this unprecedented time,” he said.

Autism Cafe Project coordinator Encik Adli Yahya also expressed his appreciation for DLMI’s support, as the café, which helps autistic children, had to close during the MCO.

The café now focuses on producing shower soap (bars of soap) and making other items such as bracelets, tote bags and t-shirts to generate income for the café.

Buyers are given Dutch Lady milk to encourage them to keep supporting the café. The contribution from DLMI goes a long way to ensure that the Autism Cafe Project members have a regular income during the cafe’s closure.

“This reflects some of the many qualities of Malaysians; the compassion and camaraderie which is part of our society to help ensure no one is left behind,” Encik Adli said.

With Ramadan about to commence, Tarand said they will also continue to provide assistance to the underprivileged communities and deserving Malaysians impacted by the MCO.

“It is DLMI’s steadfast commitment and purpose of nourishing the nation while supporting the Government’s National Health Agenda. More importantly for us would be to help make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged families and stranded students during MCO,” Tarang concluded.

DLMI hopes their gift of nourishment will help lessen the burden and bring a smile to the faces of the families, individuals and to the frontline heroes.


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