Walt Disney stock proves to be popular among Malaysian investors

Paul Familiaran, Head of Southeast Asia at eToro

According to investment platform, eToro, Walt Disney is the most popular stock on the platform among Malaysians investors in March, with a 196 percent increase.

“While Walt Disney stock fell by 18 percent in March following a significant sell-off in company shares due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Malaysian investors are taking advantage of this situation by scooping up Disney stocks at a discount,” said Paul Familiaran, Head of Southeast Asia, eToro.

Mastercard’s stock also saw a similar increase where the stock jumped from 20th to 10th place with a 277 percent increase last month, fuelled by lower prices.

eToro also highlighted that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) remains to be a popular stock in March due to the pandemic’s role in promoting the video game industry, creating a surging market demand for CPU. Investors are optimistic of the company’s future.

“Many retail investors are investing in the companies we are all turning to help us weather the COVID-19 storm like Alibaba, Amazon and Disney. For any investor, it is important to remember to take a long-term view. Yes, it makes sense for investors to review their portfolios, but the most important thing is for investors not to panic,” Familiaran commented.

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