4As waives membership levy to help members go through Covid-19 outbreak

Poovenraj Kanagaraj

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) has announced that it will reduce or waive in some cases its annual membership levy for 2020 in order ameliorate the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on its members.

Agencies with an annual revenue of less than RM 3 million will be granted a levy reduction of 100 percent, while agencies with an annual revenue of RM 9 million and above will be granted a levy reduction of 25 percent.

All other member agencies will either receive a 50 percent or 75 percent levy reduction, depending on the revenue tier the agencies are under.

In a press statement released by the Association, 4As President, Andrew Lee stated that the Association will forgo an estimated 55 percent of its 2020 income derived from membership levies.

“Our clients are also facing the same challenges and pressures that we are. They need us more than ever right now, and we are committed to helping them navigate uncertainty, pivot plans quickly and to offer them support,” he added.

The reduction of Annual Membership Levy 2020 for Ordinary and Associate Members are as follows:


Agency Revenue (Based on actual 2019 revenue) Reduction %
Revenue below RM1.5m 100%
Revenue between RM1.5m – RM2,999,999 100%
Revenue between RM3.0m – RM4,499,999 75%
Revenue between RM4.5m – RM5,999,999 75%
Revenue between RM6.0m – RM7,499,999 50%
Revenue between RM7.5m – RM8,999,999 50%
Revenue between RM9.0m – RM10,499,999 25%
Revenue between RM10.5m – RM11,999,999 25%
Revenue between RM12.0m – RM13,499,999 25%
Revenue between RM13.5m – RM14,999,999 25%
Revenue between RM15.0m – RM16,499,999 25%
Revenue above RM16.5m 25%





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