Contactless payments the ‘new normal’

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Life, for many Malaysians, have now been temporarily restricted by social distancing measures and Movement Control Order (MCO).

People are turning to technology for help to help minimise disruptions and get a ‘new normal’ in their everyday lives as they have to work, study and live at home.

As things have changed amid the spread of the Covid-19, contactless payment is set to increase and become a more preferred payment method in many countries where these methods were not very popular earlier.

Contactless and digital payment methods require less physical interaction and are more secure.

It has become an essential part of everyday technology from online shopping, bills payments, food orders to more innovative functionalities and fulfilling customers’ needs such as payroll, entertainment, and even donations.

According to Ignatius Ong, Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital, which offers the Touch ‘n Go eWallet service, by going cashless, people can avoid handling physical cash completely and minimise human contact.

As a concerted effort, Touch ‘n Go eWallet has taken the lead and extended a helping hand to the underprivileged communities by providing a better solution for the rakyat to offer financial relief directly to local non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

In Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, local users have even gathered donations through their e-wallets, raising more than USD600,000 (RM2,617,800) in contactless donations.

These donations to charitable organisations enable vulnerable groups to immediately access the support they need, including food, masks and other protective equipment.

Kechara Soup Kitchen

To date, the eWallet provider has facilitated donations worth more than RM280,000 to a total of 22 NGOs in Malaysia.

In additon, Touch ‘n Go eWallet has introduced MCO Buddy, to crowdsource and share bite-sized lifestyle content ranging from cooking recipes, indoor fitness, personal finance to donations to keep people engaged and stay active.

Commenting on the content, celebrity chef Sherson Lian said, “Without a doubt, I’m just like everyone out there who may have experienced confusion and uncertainty during this time. All the more, I hope to bring their attention to the basics of life, show them what’s real and genuine and inspire people to appreciate the simple things through my cooking. It is quite an honour to be able to invite audiences into my own kitchen and enjoy cooking a meal together, virtually. Worry about cooking for the entire family? I’ve got your back!”

Also commented, fitness guru Kevin Zahri said, “While this is a difficult time for us all, I prefer to focus on the bright side and take it as an opportunity to do my part, that is to use my own skillset and experience to lift the spirits of millions of people who have to stay home. MCO Buddy is a great platform to engage and reconnect with audiences in a different way.”

Also a fan and frequent user of contactless payment, he added  that whether it’s ordering food, delivering a parcel, or buying groceries, contactless payment has been a blessing in disguise in allowing him and his family to live as “normal” as possible.








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