UCrest enters US respiratory market, foresees significant revenue contribution

UCrest has penetrated the US respiratory market amid the pandemic with iMedic technology.

iMedic is a platform for online medical services where doctors can provide online medical services where doctors can provide online medical consultation and management.

“We have made penetration in the respiratory market and we expect to see an accelerated pace in adoption of the technology not just in the respiratory market but other chronic disease management market in the US as well,” Mr. Eg Kah Yee, chairman and chief executive officer of UCrest commented.

He expects the US market to be a significant revenue contributor in the near future.

According to UCrest, the current market size of sleep disorders, a common respiratory disease in the US is estimated to around $8 billion.

In a press statement, the healthcare service provider said the pandemic has caused an exponential new demand for acute respiratory treatment in addition to the chronic sleep disorders market.

iMedic can be wirelessly connected with several brands of the Continues Positive Airway ventilators where patients can be managed remotely.

The technology is used by respiratory centers for managing the virus infected as well as for regular chronic respiratory  patients.



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