Boost introduces new features to help merchants amid Covid-19 period

E-wallet, Boost has introduced the ‘Boost Payment Link’, a low cost and accessible contactless solution for merchants.

The new offering by Boost allows for merchants to easily send their customers a payment link via any messaging app such as email, SMS or WhatsApp and receive payments conveniently anytime, anywhere.

“Customers can seamlessly make payments through the link without physically scanning a QR code. Merchants are also able to eliminate the need to invest in a Point-of-Sale (POS) or payment terminal, which can be costly or have a static QR code to accept payments,” Boost said in its statement.

According to the e-wallet, the new feature will allow traditional cash-based businesses to receive orders and payments online upfront before delivering their goods or services.

All they need is a smartphone, a Boost account and data or WiFi connection. This is our way to help businesses build resilience and adapt with simple digital solutions and continue operating remotely, in a contactless manner that is also safer, cleaner and a more efficient way to do business amid the pandemic,” said Mohd Khairil Abdullah, chief executive officer of Boost.

The ‘Boost Payment Link’ is available for all Boost merchants via their Boost Business Account. Businesses who wish to sign up to be a Boost Merchant can do so by visiting here.


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