UCrest inks strategic partnership with China Non-Government Medical Institutions Associations

UCrest has inked a strategic partnership with the China Non-Government Medical Institutions Association to jointly establish the International Online Medical Service platform.

The platform will be in collaboration with private hospitals in China and globally renowned medical institutions and specialists in order to provide online advance medical services and personal healthcare management.

The Association aims to promote the development of the private healthcare industry in China and to elevate the level of technology and quality of services in private hospitals.

Through the partnership, both parties will accelerate the adoption of online medical services using iMedic™ – an online healthcare platform that has over 20 US FDA and European Union CE approved wireless medical devices connected to the EMR in the Cloud – for chronic disease management by member hospitals.

Furthermore, the Association will promote the use of advance medical technologies to the private hospitals by leveraging on the UCrest’s global resources. The partnership will also allow the Association to facilitate foreign investments or joint ventures with private hospitals.

“It has always been the China Government’s strategy and the Association’s objective to drive the use of digital technologies in the healthcare industry and getting doctors to provide services online not just in China but globally so that patients in China and anywhere in the world can have access to some of the world class specialists,” said Prof. Hao De Ming, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Non-Public Medical Institution Association

“This strategic alliance with the Association will not only help to accelerate the adoption of online medical services amongst the member hospitals, it is also a platform for the collaboration and knowledge exchange between doctors in China and the rest of the world”,  commented Mr. Eg Kah Yee, Chairman of UCrest.

“Our goal is to facilitate the global hospitals or doctors to participate in the fast-growing market in China. Similarly, the doctors in China will also be able to extend their services to the patients outside of China,” he added

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