Bursa Malaysia introduces e-learning platform aimed at retail investors

Bursa Malaysia Berhad has launched an e-learning platform targeted primarily to retail investors across the Securities Market, Derivatives Market and Islamic Capital Market.

The platform, Bursa Academy aims to be a one-stop e-learning that combines both knowledge sessions and interactive gamification through a simple and user-friendly platform.

“Today’s financial markets are getting increasingly complex; so, usage of digital technology to disseminate information more effectively to a wider section of the public is essential. Bursa Academy aims to provide our investors with a continuous and holistic learning journey that caters to their differing needs, expertise and skill levels,” said Muhamad Umar Swift, chief executive officer of Bursa Malaysia.

“We are excited to add Bursa Academy to our suite of educational offerings to investors including events, workshops and seminars organised throughout the year. Our long-term plan is to elevate financial literacy and build a knowledgeable retail segment that can strengthen investor confidence and expertise in our marketplace,” he added.



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